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Beauty Enhancement Spell Package

This spell is a great spell to help shield and/or enhance certain
physical aspects of beauty.  It's a personalized spell so
certain areas are solely concentrated upon.  This spell will not
increase your bust size, give you a turned-up nose or make your
hair grow four inches per day (see spell below it you're interested
in illusion).  Those are ridiculous and impossible claims.  What
this spell will do is literally bring out your natural beauty so it's
apparent and to the surface.  It will also enhance places where
beauty lacks.  We'll use your hair and eyes as examples.  If you
have gorgeous big eyes but your hair is thin and dull (due to
breakage), the spell will sparkle your eyes and draw attention
there and completely away from your weak point (hair).  But the
spell works twofold.  Still using the hair/eyes example, the spell
will cause you to draw towards conditions that are conducive
with healthy hair (such as better hair care, specific nutrition,
etc.).  The conditions the spell draws you can strengthen your
hair so it thickens and grows.  Hair and eyes are only examples.  
This spell works on all your good points and weak spots.

Beauty Illusion Spell Package

The name of this spell described what it is.  It is a glamour which
is a spell that allows others to see you the way you wish to be
seen.  If you wish for larger breasts, your breast will appear
larger to others.  If you have blue eyes but wish for amber-color
eyes, your eyes will appear amber to others.  If you wish to
appear several pounds thinner to others, this is the spell for you.  
The affects are not permanent (unless you choose the Infinite
Power Spell), but they are powerful and result at will for a
certain period of time.  However, this spell will not literally
change your eye color or weight.  It's merely an illusion.  You
need a different spell per goal.  In other words, if you want to
appear 30 lbs. thinner with bigger breasts, you need to choose a
spell package that covers two goals or order two different spells.

Fairy Tale Beauty Attraction Spell Package

This is the spell to choose if you want those of the opposite sex to
find you irresistible.  This spell causes others to take notice of all
your traits, beautiful and average, and rolls them into a live
charm that they find alluring and seductive.  Simply amazing
results possible with this spell.

Beauty Magic Spell Package: Custom

Please choose this package if what you want is not listed above.  
We will customize a love spell package for you.

Please Choose Your Love Spell & Level ~

For Full Information On Each Level And What Is Included,
Please Read
The Enchanting Spell Parlor.

After you place a spell order, please Email Us with the full
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a brief description of the situation along with your goals.

Your spell or spell series will begin within 10 days of receiving
payment.  Emergency Service is available which means your spell
will begin within 48 hours.  An emergency fee will apply.

"Optional"  and "Upon Request" Services included with your spell
package will NOT be performed automatically.  They must be
requested and booked according to instructions.

For More Detailed Information About Our Spell Casting Process, Please
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