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Booster & Sealing Spells are completely optional and not required
for us to cast a spell on your behalf!!

What Is A Booster Spell?

Booster Spells are my own creation.  I created them at 15 years old
and have been using them personally and professional ever since.  A
Booster Spell literally boost the energy of a spell.  If the spell is
strong, it could make it stronger.  If the spell is sluggish, it could
lift the energy to get it moving.  If there is a negative build-up, it
could clear it.  Boosters could be used 14 days or longer after the
first day of the original spell casting.

What Is A Sealing Spell?

Sealing Spells have the same history.  I created them when I was 15
years old and have been using them ever since.  
A Sealing Spell is
used after your spell manifests.  It can seal the results to very
long-term or permanent. It's important to note that not all spells
need to be sealed.  Spells that don't have a long-term or permanent
element attached do or the results may fade.  In those cases where a
long-term element was added initially, a sealing spell can be used as
"insurance" of that.


Most of our Spell Packages include Boosters or Seals to be
performed at a specific time.  If your Spell Package doesn't include a
Booster or Seal OR if you've exhausted the included Booster(s) or
Seal(s) and want another, you may order here.  

Which one should you order?

If your spell hasn't manifested (produced results) yet, please choose a
Booster Spell.  If your spell has manifested and you want to add a
long-term or permanent element, please choose a Sealing Spell.

Hedge Magick Power Booster & Sealing Spells are performed with
casual, folk magickal methods.  They're simple but effective.  This is
the most common and popular type.  

High Magick Super Surge Booster & Sealing Spells are performed
with formal, high magickal methods.  They're elaborate and
extremely powerful for more difficult situations.  

What I need from you ~

Your full name, the original spell date and type, your goal for the
original spell, and a brief summary of progress.

All Booster & Sealing Spells are custom created!

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