We are currently closed to submissions.

Welcome To The Submission Page!

Submissions are closed until Fall 2017.

We are currently seeking submissions.  We are interested in
fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and tarot & oracle decks.  

Below is what we want, how we want it, and what we don't
want.  (Genres, submission guidelines, and what not to send.)  
Further down is information on what to expect from us (response
time, payment, contract info, etc.).

Fiction/Poetry Genres ~

Dark Fantasy
Macabre Thrillers
Gothic Horror
Romantic Literature
Victorian Mysteries
Historical Fiction
Christian Fantasy
Swords & Sorcery
Surreal Worlds
Supernatural Horror

Non-Fiction Genres ~

Divination & Tarot
Ghosts & Hauntings
Victorian Crime
Folklore & Legends
Magical Animals

Artwork ~

Tarot Decks
Oracle Decks

What We Want ~

iction ~ We like strong story lines and characters who become
friends, enemies, or lovers to our readers. Vampire stories, with a
romantic element, are welcome.  We tend to shy away from
zombies, aliens, and gore for the sake of gore.  We want a balance
between action and emotion.  Publishing books in all our
mentioned genres is important to us so explore your mind and send
us your best work.

Poetry ~ We accept full manuscripts of poetry which is quite
unheard of in the publishing industry. The type of poetry we
prefer is long, rhyming narratives which falls under the
above-described genres.  We like poetry with a deep story to tell or
lesson to teach.  Most poetry of this nature has "no place" in the
mainstream world.  Well, it has a "place" with us.

Non-Fiction ~ Divination refers to any type (palmistry, runes,
etc.).  Submissions on any type of magick are welcome.  We
encourage Christian Magick manuscripts as well.  We discourage
submissions on UFO's, aliens, bigfoot, hell hounds, and other
"mainstream" legends but rather off-the-wall or forgotten legends
and folklore.  Manuscripts on spirituality should be uplifting and
positive - not preachy, condescending, or negative.  Facts, only,
when dealing with historical content.  Magical animals refers to
legendary creatures such as dragons and mermaids and mystical
animals such as cats and wolves.

Tarot & Oracles Decks ~ We're looking for intricate to whimsical
decks with clear images.  Advanced decks are welcome, of
course, and accompanying companion books are encouraged but not
necessary for us to publish your deck.  However, a booklet is
required on decks that do not have a companion book and must be
written by the artist or on the artist's behalf.  There is no
additional payment for the booklet.  Please be very familiar with
tarot, its purpose, and its history before submitting to us.  

What We Don't Want ~

We don't accept mindless, shallow slash horror.  SOME blood and
gore is expected but little to none and certainly not throughout the
entire story.  Only quality work will be considered.  

No intense erotica or pornographic material, including artwork.  
(Tastefully romantic, please.)

No child or animal cruelty.

Nothing condemning ANY religion, sexual orientation, race or
ethnic group unless it's to explain a back story, reason for an
action or reaction, or to show the dark side of an evil character.  
However, it shouldn't be the main focus of the storyline.

How To Submit ~

We accept:

Novelettes (7,500 to 17,500 words)
Novellas (17,500 to 40,000 words)
Novels (40,000 to 120,000 words)
Poetry - Between 25 to 100 Full-Length Poems
Non-Fiction Manuscripts (50,000 to 150,000 words)

Electronic submissions only!

In the body of an email, please submit a cover letter that includes
the following:

Word Count
Brief Synopsis
A Short Biography
Your Marketing Plan
(We expect our authors & artists to be active in the marketing of
their work along with our efforts.)

For manuscripts, please send the first three chapters only via
Word attachment, double-spaced, in Ariel or Times only, 14 point.

For tarot and oracle decks, please send five to seven card samples
along with a detailed description of each card.

Please send to:  
Editor@MoonlightEnchantments.com with the subject line:  

Original Work Only!

Simultaneous submissions are accepted but must be sent in separate

We would love to respond to all submissions.  However, due to
time restrictions, that's impossible.  If we're interested in your
work, you should hear from us approximately 10 weeks after we
receive your submission.  At that time, we will request the full
manuscript or deck to be sent to us within seven days.  

If you're submitting the same work to other publishers and you're
accepted by someone else before we have a chance to respond, please
drop us an email letting us know.

What To Expect ~

Unpublished authors and artists are welcomed along side those
previously published.  Although many publishers shun
inexperienced writers, we certainly don't!  Just make sure your
work is edited, polished, and intriguing! Our goal is to introduce
hidden talent to hungry readers!  There's nothing "normal", "usual",
or "mainstream" about us, and we like it that way.

This isn't a vanity or self-publishing company.  We're a family
owned and operated, independent publishing company.  That
means, we pay you; you don't pay us.  Royalties are between 20
and 40 percent on books, ebooks, and decks and does not include
author/artist discounts.  

Your book will be available in print and digital versions.  Most
print versions are usually (but not always) trade paperbacks.  

Your book will be promoted through some or all of these avenues:
our websites, stores, shoppes, blogs, social media, direct mailers,
Kindle, Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor,
Borders, Books A Million, and many more.  However, we expect
our authors and artist to have websites, social media pages,
participate in book signings, and promote their work.

As author or artist, you own the rights to your work. However,
upon signing a publishing contract, you will license your book or
deck to us exclusively, giving us the right to print, sell, promote,
and distribute your work for an agreed upon period of time.  
During that time, you cannot sell your book or deck to another
publisher without our permission or until your contract ends.

Your work is automatically copyrighted.  If you want to obtain a
copyright through the U.S. Copyright Office, you may at your own
expense and independent of us.  Bloo Moon Press will provide an
ISBN for print books so your book can be recognized and sold
anywhere in the world.

Cover Art may be submitted by the author.  However, there is no
payment for cover art, and it becomes the property of Bloo Moon
Press upon our acceptance.  Credit will be given.


Terms are subject to change without notice or warning.
We have been online in a business capacity since January 2005.
Moonlight Enchantments was officially establish on
October 31, 2005.  

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