This beautiful 24K Gold Embraced Lace-Thin Leaf Pendant was a gift to my great grandmother by a
Celtic Gypsy (Irish Traveller) when she was a teenager.  The gypsy, who fell in love with my great
grandmother "instantly", begged her to marry him and travel the seaside.  Her heart belonged to my
great grandfather so she refused.  In the gypsy's heartbreak, he gave her three golden leaves just like
the one listed.  He said one was for luck; one was for love; and the other was for money.  The one for
luck is the most powerful because it also covers love and money.  They are to be possessed by females

I gave the love leaf to my mother, and I gave the money leaf to a very poor old lady in my community.  
The Luck Leaf will be sold to the right person.  

The story my great grandmother received from the gypsy regarding the leaf was that a little girl from
Galway, Ireland, was very sad because her family was poverty-stricken and she had not even one
friend to cheer her up.  She sat on a log in the woods crying.  A fairy appeared and turned three fall
leaves into gold, charming each one with magickal powers.  The little girl found love and friendship
through one leaf; needed money through the other leaf; and good fortune the rest of her life through
the last leaf.  

Now this story sounds quite fictitious to me - a charming fairytale.  Yet I can tell you that the gold
leaf in this listing was given to my great grandmother by an Irish Traveller and has brought luck to
everyone who has worn it over the last 100 years.  It has a strong presence and energy to it.  You
could feel it simply by touch.  It's from Ireland, the most magickal place in the world, and it travelled
to America with my great grandmother.  It was a part of her personal magickal workings.  I've worn
it several times since it's been in my possession, and it's brought me protection, justice, and luck!  

I'm selling it because I'm not much of a "necklace person" so usually, the pendant is in my jewelry box,
unused.  I think it should go to someone who will wear it, use it, and cherish it.  If you're drawn to
it, it should be yours.
Fairy Enchanted Leaf Pendant
The pendant is not large and clumsy.  It's
medium-size, light-weight, and embraced with 24K
and handled with care.

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