I purchased these unique baby moccasins at a local antique store my family and I frequent.  They were
among Native American items. The lady who owns the store said she obtained them from a Native
American man who lives close by.  She assured me the moccasins are authentic and over 80 years old.  
They were worn by the gentleman, his father, and his grandfather.

I don't know much about Native culture or historical objects, but I do know that it's incredibly rich,
beautiful, and magickal culture in itself.  So although these moccasins don't have a specific magickal
history, they certainly have a natural one. These cute moccasins would be a wonderful addition for
someone who collects ethnic dolls, someone who could restore them for their own child or grandchild,
or someone of Native heritage who collects antique items.
Antique Native American Baby Moccasins
These are tiny, for an infant/very young toddler.  
because for their age and history, they look
sensational.  Fair because the clasp is broken off on
one (view pictures carefully).  The design on both
shoes is intact.   

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