Shines With Magick!  One-of-a-Kind Tool. Mysterious.  Exclusive!   We're very excited about
this box! My brother and I were looking through my great grandmother's old attic, and I
found "the box"!

This box belonged to my great great grandmother and was passed to my great grandmother and
then to my grandfather and aunt. My aunt lost the box several years ago, and I found it in a
corner, hidden behind other items.

This is a very old jewelry box,  From what I was told, it's approximately 130 years old, and it
was made in Europe.  I can't verify that for certain, but that's the information that was
passed to me.  It was not only used as a jewelry box but also for divination. The top is a
mirror embraced with roses. Beautiful!

My great great grandmother was a powerful witch of the Irish Tradition. She had a way with
mirror magick and used it often for many purposes.  She preferred clear mirrors to colored or
dark ones, and she chose this particular box due to the magickal properties it naturally held.  
She further enchanted it with her own charm.

The mirror is used for visions, warnings, secrets, clairvoyance, reflection, justice, banishing,
and protection. It closes so the spirits cannot enter therein after the spell, divination process,
or ritual.

My great great grandmother used this box for her personal magick. She told my grandfather,
many times, that the truth is in the mirror (of this box). My great grandmother (her daughter)
used the box for her personal magick as well as with clients. She owned a crystal ball but
would often pull out the mirror in its place.

My aunt used it many times as well. She would use it in divination rituals with candles in a
dim room glaring at the mirror so that words, letters, and visions would replace her reflection.
All extremely accurate and true!

The only time I used the mirror was unintentionally when I was four years old. It was the
first formal divination experience I ever had. The box was in my grandfather's living room,
and I opened it and was intrigued with the roses. I stared into it for a very long time and
suddenly, my cousins vaguely appeared in the mirror (or my mind, I can't distinguish which at
this point) asking if I wanted to see the puppy outside. The next thing I saw was my
grandfather asking if I wanted to keep the puppy. About five minutes later, the same cousins
I saw in the vision came in and asked me if I wanted to see the puppy. My grandfather looked
at me and said, "she's yours if you want her." I'll never forget that! I took the puppy, but I
never saw the box again until now.

The box can be used as a divination tool or included with spell work. It's very easy to use, but
always cast a circle of protection before using mirror magick and put the mirror in a closed,
safe place when not in use.

Visions seen could be literally in the mirror (even though it's a clear mirror, not a black
mirror), or they could be seen in your mind. You may also not see anything during the
divination ritual but have dreams that night or a night or two later.

I can't guarantee this item will work for you or work every single time. But I can tell you
that it's worked extremely well for my family. My aunt is trying to reduce her collection, and
I am a seller.  Unfortunately, we can't keep everything - as much as we want to! We literally
have hundreds of magickal pieces stored in my great grandmother's old home, and we want to
share some with the world.
Magick Mirror Box
The box is in fair condition. It's extremely old and has
been used and stored for many years. There is a
scene on the top of the box that's torn around the
edges. The clasp is broken but it still closes, of
course. The mirror is in very good shape. The box is
top heavy due to the weight of the mirror. Also, it's
dusty. We did not want to disturb the dust on this
item in case the buyer wants it to remain in the
condition it's in or do a cleansing himself.

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