There are similar bottles in existence, but this particular bottle is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind Love
Spell Bottle that belonged to my great grandmother and then to my aunt.  My great grandmother had
the bottle made especially for her when she began performing professional spells.  She used the bottle
for over 50 years (15,717 times, as recorded in her magickal journal).  Every time she performed a love
spell for a client, this bottle was included.  It was cleansed after every single spell and reused.  This
left the bottle with positive love energy and no negativity whatsoever.  

After my great grandmother's passing, my grandfather inherited the bottle.  He kept it in the attic
where my aunt found it.  She, as well, was a practicing witch and asked to take it.  She used the
bottle occasionally with clients as well as personally with her own love issues.  Every spell she
performed with the bottle worked amazingly well very quickly.

My aunt is now semi-retired and only performing professional tarot readings.  Since she's no longer
performing spells for clients, she gave the bottle to me.  However, I have 12 other spell bottles that
belonged to my grandfather and great grandmother, so I decided to sell this one.  

The bottle has been in my possession for one year.  I used it seven times since it's been in my
possession.  I've used it for personal friends who needed help with romance.  It's worked each time.  I
can feel the energy radiating from the bottle.  It's been quite successful for us, and it could do the same
for you.

Using it is very easy.  You simply write your love wish on a piece of parchment paper, roll it in a
scroll, and place it in the bottle.  It must remain in the bottle for at least three days even if your wish
manifests prior to that.  If your wish doesn't manifest in three days, you may leave your request in the
bottle until it does.  After each use, burn sage incense to cleanse the bottle so you could begin again.  
Absolutely any issue relating to love can be placed in the bottle.  But if you're a non-professional
practitioner, the issues must pertain to your love life only, and your requests must be with pure
intent.  (Love justice is fine.)  

I am making no claims that this bottle will definitely work for you.  I'm simply telling you with
certainty that it worked for us and it could work for another.  If you're drawn to it and feel as
though you must have it, it is meant for you and, most likely, would work extremely well for you.

Over 100 years of family love magick is the history of this bottle.
Love Spell Wish Bottle
thick, heavy, and shaped like a heart on both sides.  
It has a corked top, but there is a small piece
missing from the cork on the tip top of one side.  
Examine pictures carefully.  This is an old bottle.

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