Rare, Retro Tarot from 2009!

This is the much sought-after Fairy Tale Tarot by award-winning, internationally-known artist, Lisa

This deck and book set are now out of print, extremely rare to find, and exquisitely unique!

For collectors, this is a tarot treasure chest!

The Fairy Tale Tarot follows the Rider-Waite tradition and features colorful, high-quality cards that
could transform you to the world of magic and fantasy.  Each card features an enchanting fairy tale
reflective of a situation, person, place, or thing in your own life.  Extremely accurate in readings, it
could give you a brand new perspective along with suggestions and ideas you hadn't thought of
before.  Discover hidden talents, motives, and love with the eyes of this glorious creation.

The deck belongs to me.  I bought it while we were on vacation at Niagara Falls.  The shoppe, itself,
was a comic shoppe and the Fairy Tale was the only tarot deck in the entire place.  Before leaving on
our vacation, I was thinking about ordering the deck online.  I decided not to but when I saw that it
was the only deck in that shoppe, I bought it immediately.  Although I love Fairy Tales, and Lisa
Hunt is one of my favorite tarot artists, I never bonded with the deck as I have with others -
although it's difficult for me to give up.  I feel as though I could be a middle person for the true owner
of the deck.  It could be you.

The deck is rare and out of stock.  It's top-of-the-line deck for collectors and readers.  I've seen these
decks for sale from $500 to $10,000.  The price I'm asking is on the higher end because I love this
deck.  For me to let it go, it must be worth my while.  Reasonable offers will be entertained.
Fairytale Tarot/Book Set
The deck consists of 78 tarot cards, normal size,
high-quality stock, stored in its original black pouch.  
The back of the cards are cream with a creatively
drawn fantasy key.  The book is 299 pages in length
and includes a detailed description of each card
and more.  All placed in the original
beautifully-designed box.
 The deck is in excellent
shape and so is the book.  The box is in good shape,
but there is a rip on the bottom left corner of the
box.  Please look at the pictures carefully.

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