Multi-Purpose Permanent Magick in a Beautiful Necklace!

This piece is incredible.  Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, but it's drenched in extreme high magick.

Unlike my great grandmother, Rose, who was an Irish Traditional Witch skilled in hedge magick, her
mother-in-law, my great great grandmother, Lady Catherine, practiced only high magick.  Because of
this, she used many elaborate charms that were created just for her and consecrated by her and a group
of magickal friends.

The story of the necklace ~

Lady Catherine was from Northern Europe, but she traveled the world.  She would often visit Africa.  
During one of her trips, she had an artisan jeweler make this special necklace for her.  She chose the
stones and the precise design.  When she returned to Europe, she consecrated it with intense high
magick for its purpose.  She wore it often for the remainder of her life, and it never failed her - not
even once.  After her passing, the necklace was bequeathed to her daughter-in-law (my great
grandmother).  She used it several times as well with the very same power and effect.  It never failed
for her either - not even once.  Upon the passing of my great grandmother, the necklace went to my
cousin.  She's worn the necklace a total of seven times.  Each time, it worked for her.   My cousin gave
the necklace to me last year for my birthday.

The "power of three times two" is in this necklace since it's layered six times.  The first layer is for
attraction, allure, and confidence in any situation.  The second string is for strong protection.  The
third is for immediate defense against harm or malicious tongues.  The fourth is for lies to surface,
secrets to be revealed, and for the person you're addressing to be completely truthful.  The fifth string
is to attract or reaffirm lust, passion, desire, and love.  The last layer is for intuition, psychic
intensity, and complete power.

I have very few things from my great great grandmother, Catherine.  She was nobility descended from
royalty from centuries gone by.  However, there was no inheritance for my grandfather's generation or
lower.  We're only descendants of royalty and nobility - not royal or noble ourselves.   Therefore, we
have no money or property inheritance, other than a few pieces of memories.  And as much as I would
love to keep this necklace, I simply cannot wear it. I'm just not a jewelry person as much as I've tried
over the years. (I wear small earrings, my wedding ring, a mother's ring, and a cross - that's as far as I
go.) :) This striking piece would work perfectly well for someone who loves jewelry. And that special
person is missing out on the power and extreme magick of this lovely piece if it's just stored away in a
jewelry box. So that's why I'm selling it.So that's why I'm selling it.

If you're drawn to it, it's meant to be yours.

Note:  As with all stories passed to me, I cannot verify it as absolute.  This necklace came to me from
my cousin (obviously, not my great great grandmother), and I never used the necklace myself.  
However, I have two pictures of my great great grandmother. Although they're black and white, what
appears to be this very necklace is shown in both of those pictures.  Further, there has never been a
"made up" story in my family history.  All stories, whether they were linked to items or not, have been
eventually verified.  And by just holding this necklace, you can feel an attractively cool, intense energy
from it.
Royal Amethyst Power Necklace

The necklace is made of authentic African
Amethysts - even the clasp.  It's purple, of course,
the color of power.  It's a heavy necklace and
appears to be shining and new yet it's a
one-of-a-kind antique.   It was designed from
direction of my great great grandmother and there's
no other like it in the world.

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