This pretty vintage glove box came from Russia and is said to have the spirit energy of a powerful
witch attached to it.  According to the story, if the energy favors you, your wishes will be granted.  If
you mock the box or become skeptical, you will receive the opposite of your wish.

I bought the box at an antique show in New England from an old Russian lady.  She claimed to have
used the box, which belonged to her mother, several times over the years and each time, her wish was
granted except one time when it wasn't.  That time, she became impatient or skeptical but she learned
not to do that again and was brought great success.

The instructions she gave me were the same her mother gave to her.  Write the wish on white paper
with red ink, fold it nine times, and place it in the box.  Your wish will manifest in nine hours, nine
days, nine weeks, or nine months.  If you become impatient, the opposite will happen.   You could
place many wishes in the box at once.
Glove boxes, jewelry boxes, and other types of boxes that were converted to wish boxes were popular in
Europe throughout history.   If you're drawn to it, it's meant for you!
Vintage Wish Box
The box is not high quality but it's still lovely.  The
lady I bought it from said it was handmade by her
mother.  It's crimson color with a cushion top with a
floral design.  It has roped edges around the top,
with a tassel for lifting.  The box is approximately
9.5x4.  It is in good shape for its age, but it does
have imperfections.  There is a small stain on the
back (lower left picture).  

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