These gorgeous gloves came from the Victorian Era, and they belonged to my beloved maternal great
great grandmother, Lady Giovanna.  She was from Campania, and she practiced what we know now
as Benedicaria which is Magickal Catholicism.  She was from a long line of Italian nobility, and she
was strikingly beautiful even as an old lady.  

I recently attained three pairs of her gloves, a rosary, and some jewelry from my great aunt
(Giovanna's granddaughter) who recently passed away.  I'm keeping most of things, but I am letting
go of a few.  This pair of gloves is one of them.

My great aunt swore the gloves had an enchantment over them which causes the woman wearing them
to appear radiant, sexy, alluring, and beautiful to all who see her.  Her grandmother told her this, and
she wore them for years experiencing the same effects.  The effects last as long as the gloves are worn.  
They may work only for the owner since that's how many magickal charms work.

There's no guarantee the gloves will work magick for you.  But if you're drawn to them, they probably
will.  This is the easiest magick possible since it's literally putting on a pair of gloves.  Besides being a
magickal treasure, these gloves are a fantastic piece of Victorian history!
Antique Victorian Beauty Gloves
The gloves were made in Europe and are from the
Victorian Era.  They're approximately 130 years old.  
They're made of crocheted lace with six roses at the
wrists, sandstone color, in very good condition.  They
will fit a small hand.  They're not big gloves.  My
wedding ring is a size four, and they fit my hand

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