. . . With a twist.

One of my beloved, long-time clients sent this mirror to me.  It belonged to his wife and his mother
before her.  He lost them both and no longer wants the mirror in the house.

According to him, his mother bought the mirror in 1962 and kept it on her vanity table.  She placed
many things on the mirror over the years such as make-up, jewelry, hair barrettes, nail polish, etc.  
Nightly, though, she would clear the mirror and stare into it.  She would kiss her image and go to
bed.  He never had solid proof but the believed his mother was a witch.  

As the years went on, my client got married.  His mother and his wife were extremely close.  They did
everything together.  When his mother passed in 2000, his wife inherited all her possessions including
the mirror.  She had a difficult time with the passing of her mother-in-law but soon found comfort in
the mirror.  She told her husband that she would see visions of his mother in the mirror sending her
loving, kind messages and sometimes warnings.  She also began to look younger than her age.  He said
it was as though she were growing younger rather than older.  She was migraine prone and swore the
energy from the mirror "cured" her migraines.  She also claimed the energy of the mirror caused her
enemies financial loss, broken bones, and other inconvenient misfortunes at her request.  She attributed
this to the intense energy and protection instincts of her mother-in-law.

Last year, my client and his wife decided to separate after they won a substantial amount of money in
a lottery.  Their separation was amicable, but he no longer wants the mirror in his house because it
gives him "the willies" (his words).  Before giving it to me, his mother came to him in a dream stating
the mirror 's energy is loyal and devoted to its owner, whoever that owner may be.  

I can't verify its age but it has an interesting history and could work wonders for the right lady!  If
you're drawn to the item or its story, it's meant for you!
Vintage Vanity Mirror
The mirror is in good condition, but it's old.  It's dusty
under the handles.  (We don't clean any of our items
so not to disturb any energy.)  It's a lighter-weight
item so I don't think it's the best quality, but it's fair
quality.  The size is about 9x14.  

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