Spirit bottles may not be what you think.  These two bottles have a long history.  I picked them up at
an antique store in Massachusetts.  The owner of the store is a long-time friend and a well-known
practicing witch.  She told me the history of the bottles.

One is a whiskey bottle.  The other is a syrup bottle.  However, according to the owner, these bottles
have a unique history.  They were created in the 1800s and have been together ever since.  They were
bought on the same day by the same person.  His name was Jack Reece.

This was during the Victorian Era and occultism was mainstream at that time.  Everyone who was
anyone was into the spiritual world.  Jack was a powerful practitioner of magick, and he needed two
dark colored bottles for two specific purposes.  The tall bottle captured evil spirits - whether the spirit
was earthly, supernatural, or black energy projected from human sources (a curse), the large bottle was
able to capture it if properly baited.  Once sealed, it could only be released under a specific ritual that
would permanently banish it.

The shorter bottle was used in a different way.  Jack used that bottle during spell work - to transfer
positive energy inward, seal it to build power, and then release it to the universe.

With the bottles come with instructions for use.  I received these instructions orally from the lady who
old them to me and have since written them for the next owner.   Very easy instructions with no guess
work and nothing to fear.  You will need closures for the bottles if you wish to use them magickally,
and the instructions tell you exactly what you need for that.  You may also use the bottles for decor
without worry.  Since they're so old and have such personality, they would make excellent
conversation pieces.

I prefer not to sell the bottles separately but will consider it. I also have another spirit release bottle
that belonged to Jack Reece that he obtained later in life.  That bottle isn't listed since I am currently
using it.  But I would consider selling it, too.  
Email us if you're interested in buying just one bottle.
Antique Spirit Bottle Set
The bottles are caramel colored, a signature color
of their era, sturdy but old, in good condition.  

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