Gorgeous Vintage Silver-plated Enchanted Jewelry Box. Deep History. Extreme Magickal Energy.
Ghostly Presence Comes With This Box.

This jewelry box belonged to my great aunt (my grandfather's sister). She was an extremely powerful
witch. She practiced magick daily - for 70 years personally and 50 years professionally. This box sat in
her parlor - where she performed tarot and tea leaf readings and intense spells and rituals. She kept
many items in the box. Her personal jewelry, magickal charms, her rosary, cards, letters, spells,
prayers, novenas and potion recipes. Many things at many times over the years.

After she passed, her grandson (my cousin) told me that he would often hear music coming from the
closet where he kept the box. One day, his father was visiting and they both heard the music. His
father confirmed that the music was my great aunt's favorite song. However, there is no musical device
on the jewelry box. My cousin became alarmed and gave the jewelry box to me.

The jewelry box has been in my home for the last three months. I've heard music playing twice since it's
been here. I'm clairaudiant (hearing spirits and/or psychic information) so I hear things others cannot
on a regular basis and have my entire life. However, this is different. Others have heard the music,
too. And when we approach the box, it stops.

I do believe my great aunt loved that box so dearly that her psychic & spiritual imprints are upon it.
It is perfect if you wish to charge an item for luck (place it in the box for 72 hours) or if you need help
finding a new job, gaining money or love. Again, just put your request into the box for 72 hours. If
you want to dazzle the opposite sex (romance) or your boss (career/business), store your jewelry in the
box overnight and shine the next day! It's truly magickal! Also, if you're intrigued with haunted
things, this may be the perfect item for you!

If you're drawn its story and energy, this box is meant to be yours.   
Magically Enchanted Jewelry Box
The box itself is approximately 45 years old,
silver-plated with roses. The interior appears to be
red satin. It's in good shape, but it is a bit tarnished. It
could very well be cleaned. However, if you wish it
to keep it's hauntingly magickal properties, it's better
to leave it undisturbed. Approx. 9 1/2" x 8 1/2".

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