grandmother, who was a powerful professional magickal practitioner, had a money spell bottle made
for each other her children.  She explained to them that the bottle was to be used during their lifetime
when they were in need of money, success, or power in a situation.  If the request was just wanted but
not needed, it would go unanswered.  

My grandfather received his bottle when he was 19, so it's over 80 years old.  He used it regularly over
the years, and each and ever time it produced success.  When he needed extra money, he received it.  
When he needed a job, he got one.  When he needed strength and courage, he gained it.  It was literally
used for his needs over the years and didn't fail him once.  

My grandfather kept small pictures of St. Nicholas and St. Michael under the bottle at all times.  
When the bottle was put away, the saint pictures were with it.  

Since I have 12 other spell bottles that belonged to my grandfather and great grandmother, I decided
to sell this one.  

Using it is very easy.  You simply write your money or power wish on a piece of parchment paper, roll
it in a scroll, and place it in the bottle.  It must remain in the bottle for at least three days even if
your wish manifests prior to that.  If your wish doesn't manifest in three days, you may leave your
request in the bottle until it does.  After each use, burn sage incense to cleanse the bottle so you could
begin again.  Absolutely any issue relating to money or power can be placed in the bottle.  However, the
issues must pertain to your situations only, and your requests must be with pure intent (need, not

I am making no claims that this bottle will definitely work for you.  I'm simply telling you that it
worked for my grandfather.  If you're drawn to it and feel as though you must have it, it is meant for
you and, most likely, would work extremely well for you.
Money Spell Bottle
The bottle is clear, heavy glass, with a corked top.
It's in very good condition but it's an old bottle.  
Examine pictures carefully.

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