Haunted Hexed Tea Cup Set- Strange Events, Songs, Scents, & Secrets From This Enchanted Cup Set.
It's Been In My Family For Four Generations.  Permanent Magick At Your Fingertips.

This tea cup set is terrifying, haunting, and incredibly beautiful. It originally belonged to my great
grandmother and was purchased with several other tea sets while she was on vacation in New Orleans
in the 1930s. She bonded with this set immediately. But there was a strange energy to it.

My great grandmother was a professional tea leaf reader and magickal practitioner. When she would
pull this cup out for readings, every single client refused to drink from it. This happened countless
times over the years. Every time she would drink from it, she would have incredibly intense visions,
dreams, clairaudiant experiences, or receive important secret messages from unexpected sources.

Years later, my great grandmother kept the cup set hidden away from her children, grandchildren and
great grandchildren. She stopped offering it to her clients as well. She only pulled the cup out when
certain people would visit. And when certain people would drink from the cup, they would become ill
with severe stomachaches and headaches even when others, drinking the same tea, were perfectly fine.
Following that, bad luck would come to these people in such ways as money loss, job loss, car trouble,
reputation issues, emerging of enemies, and broken bones.. The family rumor was that my great
grandmother hexed the cup to cause temporary annoyances for her enemies and that's why she stopped
offering it to clients and hid it from her loved ones.

After she passed, my grandfather inherited the cup set. He kept it on his coffee table in the living
room. Many family members heard voices coming from the room when nobody else was home. They
heard my great grandmother's favorite song, heard whispers, and smelled her perfume oil as well. This
went on for 10 years until my brother took possession of the cup set.

My brother tested the cup by drinking from it several times. He was fine each time. He performed
extremely accurate tea leaf readings from the cup as well. All seemed wonderful until his estranged
wife drank from the cup. Within in hour, she became horribly ill with a terrible stomachache and
headache. In the weeks to follow, she lost $3,000 (literally), her job, her car was totaled while parked
in a lot, she lost a court case, and she had a horrible hair disaster. We believe the hex is still alive and

My great grandmother was a very powerful witch who came from a long line of witches. She not only
healed but cursed people she did not like on a regular basis. Nothing bad was bestowed upon her as a
result because she cursed in justice, balance, defense, and protection. She lived to be nearly 100 years
old with wonderfully good luck.

In her magickal journal, there are several hexes. But she had a favorite that she used often, and we
believe she used this particular hex upon the cup set, boosting it at various times with a chant. If
you want this beautiful tea cup set, we will provide you with the chant.

All of these claims are from reliable family sources, but they are second-hand information. Personally,
I have never used the cup set, and I've had no psychic or paranormal experiences with it as I haven't
spent any significant time with it. It's in my home now as I'm selling it on behalf of my brother. It
does have a strong energy to it, and you can't help to be drawn to its presence.

This beautiful cup set is said to do many things. If it's meant to be with you, you will come back to
this listing again and again until you must purchase it. If you're the right person for it, you definitely
Hexed Antique Tea Cup Set
It's beautifully created floral china trimmed in gold.
Included is a gorgeous Iridescent cup, saucer, and
dessert dish - 80 years or older.

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