I have a vast doll collection - everything from baby dolls to porcelain dolls to voodoo dolls to magickal
dolls.  I actually make dolls as well, and my great grandmother had the same type of collection and
skill for creation.  Some of my dolls were previously owned.  The doll I'm listing on this page is one of
them.  Frankly, she's not welcome in my home any longer.

My family and I frequent antique stores.   We visit many stores - formal and informal - in the
Northeast.  Antiques seems endless as everything in our area is old with a rich history.  I found this
doll on one of our weekend visits to a local antique shoppe in Massachusetts.

The owner of the shoppe had few clues to her history.  He said that her name is Gretchen, and she
came from an estate sale in Danvers. Gretchen is an old doll. The woman who owned her was 103 at
her passing.  Apparently she had the doll at her bedside for many years.  However, we don't know the
exact age of the doll since the old lady was a collector and could have obtained her at any time.  The
doll appears to be antique or vintage.  The gentleman couldn't tell me anything else but I soon learned
that this doll doesn't play well with others.

I bought her in March 2015.  When I took her home, I placed her with some of my other dolls by a
doll house in my studio.  Every morning, the other dolls (seven in total) were face down on the floor
and Gretchen was the only one upright.  This happened every day until I moved her.  I placed her in
my bedroom, next to other dolls on display in a corner.  For years, my cats slept on my bed during the
day.  When that doll entered the room, they stopped.  They wouldn't come into my bedroom.  I have
two big, strong dogs who refused to enter the room as well.  They would cry at the doorway.  After a
few days of this, I moved Gretchen to the hall closet, close to my front door.  The dogs wouldn't pass
the closet to go outside.  They absolutely refused.  So I put the doll in the basement.  Every morning,
for two weeks, the doll would be on the top step by the basement door.  I could feel the energy from
the doll, and it was becoming more intense and aggressive.  It felt wild and untamed.  The last place I
put her was on my enclosed patio.  That's where she is today.  And this is when the calls began.  

I'm naturally clairaudiant.  I've been hearing voices and noises that nobody else can hear since I was
three years old.  My familiar, Aslan, is the only other one who can hear, see, and feel what I can and
others cannot.  I can see this from his reaction.  The calls started on June 7 when I placed Gretchen
outside.  There are knocks on my backdoor in the middle of the night with a female child's voice calling
my name.  There is humming outside of my bedroom window in the early morning hours.  It's in the
voice of a female child, and it stops after a thump (as though someone has fallen).  I've also heard,
from my dining room window, the same voice saying, "I see you!".  I tried an experiment by taking the
doll in one night.  I placed it in the living room.  I went to bed with my cat, as always, and woke up
the next morning with the doll in the bed and my cat in the living room.  But there were no calls that

Either she is becoming a nuisance to me or I am becoming a nuisance to her, but we're not getting
along well.  I can't give the doll the "attention" she needs.  I feel that she belongs to someone else, and
she's searching for that person.  

Now to clarify, I don't think the doll is "real", and I don't think she's possessed by a demon.  I do
think that since this doll was in the company of the same person who cherished her for many, many
years the energy of the owner is locked into it.  Holding her, you could feel the intensity - it's like a
supercharge.  I also don't think it's evil whatsoever but mischievous.  

Two final things about this doll.  She's been difficult for me to photograph.  I took 30 pictures of her,
trying to get an accurate one, and I still did not.  The owner of the antique store wanted to list her on
eBay, and he experienced the exact same thing that I did while trying to photograph the doll.  

Another thing is that everyone seems to see her slightly differently.  My child and I see her with long
blond hair, blue eyes, and dark lips with a light dress.  My dear friend, Jarle, sees her with red hair, a
hair ornament, brown eyes, and a pink dress.  Yet two other relatives see her with brown hair, green
eyes, white lips, and a green dress to match her eyes.  This is very creepy and one of the oddest things I
ever experienced.  And there are actually more descriptions depending upon who is looking at her.  

What I gather from this is the energy is unsettled and searching for a soul of comfort - the next
owner.  The rightful owner will see her the way she really is, and she will be an amazing family

This doll is truly extraordinary.  I call her ever-changing because of her unstable appearance and
restless nature.  If she's with the right person, she will be forever changed.  If you're drawn to her
story and energy, she's meant to be yours.   
Ever-Changing Haunted Doll
This is a porcelain doll that does not come with a
stand or a box, but she will be well-packaged for

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