This item is not for the faint of heart.  This is a serious occult item that came to me in an odd and
unusual way.

This box appeared on the doorstep to our office October 2013.  There was a long handwritten note
with it explaining that the box was made in 1899 in India and it captured 9 extremely evil earth
spirits who could "do your bidding" if released.  The trick is to "get them to like you" before releasing
them because if they don't, they could harm you.  

The letter went on to say that the spirit energies belonged to killers, prostitutes, and thieves from
Medieval Europe and were conjured by a man named Jacob Peterssen during his visit to India in the
year, 1900.  

According to the letter, if the spirits favor you, they will strike down your enemies, grant you
excessive abundance and fortune, and be your loyal "servants" until the last day of your life.  If they
do not find favor with you, they will strike you down, cause loss and misfortune, and haunt and
torment you until the last day of your life.  

The only way to learn if they find favor with you is to open the box.  But opening the box could
actually harm you if they dislike you.  It's a real dilemma.  To make things more interesting, something
is inside the box.  The person who left the box said he or she doesn't know what it is because they
didn't open it, and it hasn't been opened for over 50 years.  (We won't open it either.)  

Now this is quite a story.  Totally intriguing.  Whether it's true or not is anybody's guess.  I can tell
you for certain this box is heavy with energy.  It's drenched with it!  And it definitely feels like layers
of dark energy.  It's genuinely creepy.  Beautiful but strangely dark.  

We weren't planning to sell the box until three years later when one of my staff members (who is also
a cousin) had a dream about it.  He dreamed someone told him the true owner of the box is searching
for it and must have it.  That's the reason we're listing it.

If you buy this box, don't open it without time and reflection.  I'm a bit apprehensive about selling it
because, again, it's not for the faint of heart.  I don't consider it a joke or a toy.  Even though the
story can't be proven, the energy surrounding it is serious and intense.  

If you're drawn to it and return to this page, it's calling you.  You're meant to have it so grab it before
it gets into the wrong hands.
Evil Nine Box
The box is approximately 8x5x2.5.  It has a beautiful
carved design with a stamp of India on the back.  
We can't confirm the age, but it looks right for that
time period, and country seal stamps started in
1891. The box is darker than the pictures.  There is no
clasp, but we will tie it tightly with rope so it doesn't
open in transit.  Something is moving around inside
the box.  We have no idea what it is.

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