Antique Enchanted Tea Cup Set Owned/Used By My Great Grandmother For Almost 40 Years For
Tea Leaf Readings and Tea Spells. Permanent Magick.

This set was given to me by my aunt who used it since the 70s for tea leaf readings.  It was passed to
her by her father (my paternal grandfather).  My grandfather read tea leaves as well, and he used the
cup for female family members and friends requesting readings.  However, he found it "too feminine"
for him and felt it was better in his daughter's hands.  He obtained the cup set from my great
grandmother (his mother) who used it for professional and personal tea leaf readings and tea spells for
nearly 40 years.  This set is approximately 80 years old.

My aunt told me the cup set is infused with my great grandmother's magick, and that using the cup
herself caused her to have highly psychic dreams.  My aunt knew when her husband strayed.  She knew
when her child was endanger of heart break.  She had a dream of a precise conversation that she
overheard the following day.  She was guided to the right job, the right clients, and she her luck
improved considerably after using the cup on a regular basis.  Her love life also improved after doing a
magickal ritual with the cup to find her twin flame.  It's brought amazement and intense magick,
naturally, into her life.  She gave the cup set to me because she's getting up in years and feels it's done
all it can for her.  

The presence of the cup set in my home has caused intense energy, warmth, and light.  It was
purchased in New Orleans in the 1930s in a tea shop my great grandmother frequented on trips to the
area. My aunt and great grandmother used the dessert dish for grounding after spell work.

My great grandmother came from a long line of witches. She was a devout Catholic who practiced
Irish Traditional Witchcraft. She worked as a professional tarot & tea leaf reader, and she performed
powerful spells as well.  She created intense herbal potions for healing, and she was skilled in justice
magick.  Her mother was an Irish Traditional Witch, too, and she was one of the most powerful
witches in Ireland. People came from all over the country to seek her services. My great grandmother's
grandfather was a tarot creator and a life-long magickal practitioner.  He developed his own tea
symbolism which is extremely accurate and different than traditional symbols.  It's been used in tea
magick in our family for seven generations now (mine is the sixth).

The reason I'm not keeping this set is because I already have two other tea cup sets - one belonging to
my great grandmother and the other belonging to my great great grandmother.  Those I will never part
with.  But this one, I feel, doesn't belong with me.  It should go to someone else.  It's "calling" to

This tea set should work well for you without any performance of magick on your part since it's
steeped so highly with magickal energy.  Just drink tea from the cup, thinking of your goal or
concern.  The answer and direction should come to you, and the goal should eventually manifest.  This
should happen after a short period of "bonding" with the set.  This is permanent magick. As long as
you own the set, they could work for you.  If you're drawn to purchasing this tea set, you were meant
to have it.
Enchanting Magick-Infused
Antique Tea Cup Set
Included is a gorgeous Iridescent cup, saucer, and
dessert dish - 80 years or older.

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