This is an enchanted book. I'm not referring to the contents but the actual book itself. It's a first
edition book from 1890 called The Heart Of Gold. The book was given to me by a dear older lady while
I was visiting Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She said that it had one owner before her who bought the
book upon its release in 1890. He was 25 years old at the time, and his name was Charles Collum. He
worked as farmer in Williamsfield, Ohio.

The story is ~ Charles (Chas, as he known) bought this book as a treat for himself, and he loved the
story. He read it over and over again and hoped and prayed for success and happiness each time he did.
His luck improved and his farm was a big success. Ironically, GOLD is in the title, and it attracts that
very thing! Over the years, he allowed others to borrow and wish upon the book, and they received the
same success. A total of 25 people over the course of 125 years came into huge financial or business
success after reading and wishing upon this book - including my older friend.

It really is an amazing book - filled with Charles' luck and pleasant energy!
Enchanted Book - The Heart 0f Gold
The book, itself, is in fair/poor condition.  I say fair
because it's still very readable and poor because of
its appearance. It's very frail, and it's bound by string
only on the cover. The pages are yellowish in color.
There are old ads in the back of the book from the
very interesting! Please look at the pictures
carefully.  You will not receive a pristine book by
anyone's assessment.

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