Vintage 1930s Eljin Compact - Used For Magickal Beauty & Love "Visions"

This beautiful high-quality vintage Eljin American compact belonged to my great grandmother, who
was an extremely powerful professional magickal practitioner.  My aunt (her granddaughter) is selling
it now.  According to my aunt, the compact was enchanted by my great grandmother is a magickal
ritual and for decades thereafter by her intense, powerful energy - for the purpose of beauty and love.
The mirror is said to have an entrancing element attached to it which would allow the owner to access
beauty illusion magick with each glance.   Also added to it was a psychic "magick mirror" element to
view "romantic information" such as visions of your next lover, romantic scenerios, names, possible
deceptions, and anything relating to love.  The visions can appear in the mirror itself or in your mind
while searching the mirror or shortly thereafter.  Sometimes if a session produces nothing, you will
have an intense psychic dream that night or a night or two later with the information you need.  My
great grandmother used this mirror from when it was gifted to her in the 1930s until the very end of
the 1960s.  My aunt used it from 1970 until 2000.  She hasn't used it for years and is ready to let it
go so it could be useful again.

Not only does this item carry magickal properties, but compacts are one of the most collectible
vintage/antique items because they're so rare! And even more rarely in good condition!
Antique/Vintage Eljin Compact
The compact is in very good shape.  It's a shiny
gold-color with a star flower design.  The interior
has a very small perfume stain on the powder
reservoir lid.  It's hardly noticeable unless you're
examining it.  The lid is decorated with a fine
engine-turned design stamped with "Eljin
American; Made in the USA".   The mirror is
somewhat cloudy which is due to age and the
creation type at the time.  It's perfect for
scrying though.  When you lift the tab, you'll see
a clear powder placement area (the white
lining is suppose to be there and was used as a
placement brace for the powder).  (The picture
to the left shows a shadow.  The compact is not

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