This chain drawing is similar to a chain letter except it brings luck, good fortune, and amazing energy
to the possessor.  It's one of a kind!  Exclusive.  None other like it anywhere in the world!

In the year 2000, my friend, psychic artist, Baron Ravenwolf, was very down on his luck.  He was
depressed over a break up and a job loss.  It was a week before Christmas when he found himself
roaming the streets of Baltimore, Maryland, wondering if he should end it all.  Suddenly, a taxi pulled
next to him and offered to give him a ride.  At first, he refused, having little money.  Then the driver
promised not to charge him.  He reluctantly got inside.  The warm car was a relief from the cold.  As
he and the driver exchanged pleasantries, Raven became more relaxed and at ease.  Instinctively, the
driver began offering some very personal advice.  He knew exactly what Raven's problems were
concerning his girlfriend's infidelity and his job loss.  He also knew that Raven was considering
suicide.  The next hour, he counselled Raven - making him laugh, cry, and face his problems.  He
pointed out Raven's good points and made him see himself the way the world did.  By the end of the
ride, Raven's entire outlook changed, and he was ready to face life.  

Before his departure, the driver got out of the car.  He wore a long black coat that resembled a cape.  
He handed Raven a flower and told him to spread his talents to all.  Raven looked at the taxi cab
company and car number as the driver was pulling away.  He wanted to bring him a gift for his
kindness.  The next day, he purchased a small gift and went to the taxi company.  He requested the
gift left for the gentleman who drove that particular taxi cab the night before.  He was informed that
there was no such taxi cab and no such driver.  Thinking he may have mistaken, somehow, he tried
every taxi company in the city.  They all told him the same.  Raven is convinced the gentleman who
saved his life was an angel.  And so am I!

As soon as he got home that night, he created the drawing.  He put his loving, thankful luck and
energy into each curve and stroke.  He prayed over the picture, asking that his angel bless it and all
who possess it.  Then he sent it off with a short note.  He included his name, address, and story typed
on a sheet of parchment paper.  The instructions for the drawing were that the person holding it keeps
it until their luck changes for the better.  When it does, write the place and date it leaves their hands
and send it to another person to do the same.  The drawing has been passed around 103 times and has
gone to 16 counties.  It's now back with Raven.  The last person who had it mailed it to him.  He was
amazed to see it again and has since retired it.

Some of the people who received it left contact information.  Raven was able to reach some of them.  
Incredibly, the charmed chain picture seems to have drastically and radically improved the lives of
those who possessed it.  Now that it's had quite an adventure, Raven's wish is to retire it.

The person who owns it may experience ongoing good fortune, prosperity, and luck based upon its
history.  It's been in the possession of 104 people (including the original artist) in 16 countries.   If
you're drawn to it, it should be with you!
Charmed Chain Drawing
charcoal and colored pencil coloring and outlines.  
Very good condition considering its age and travel
history.  We can laminate it for you upon request.

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