Magickal Circle: An Enchanted Chain Piece

Extreme permanent protection & luck magick in a small piece of a 10K Gold chain that has been in my
family for four generations.  

The story I was told is the chain was originally worn by my great grandmother, who was a third
generation Irish Witch - very powerful and skilled in both healing and hexing.  It was then given to
one of my great aunts who was also a very powerful Irish Witch.  She wore it for several decades
before passing it to my cousin, her grandson.  She told my cousin that the chain is haunted and can
project extreme protection and luck to anyone who possesses it.  Since her passing, my cousin broke the
chain into several pieces and gave them to family members to use as a charm.  Incredible luck and
protection has come to those family members in many ways over the years.  My cousin has since given
me 12 more pieces of the chain to use as I see fit.  I gave six to other family members and sold four to
beloved clients.  I haven't receive feedback from everyone, but the eight people I did hear from stated
the chain pieces work incredibly well.  Three of my relatives gifted their pieces back to me as they are
older relatives and felt the magick is set with them.  Therefore, I am selling the three pieces received
back and the two I had remaining.  I want to include more of my beloved clients in this broken, yet
unbroken, chain of protection and luck.   

This is permanent magick.  As long as you're in possession of the piece, you can reap the benefits.  You
will literally be connected to the others who possess pieces as well as my heritage magick.

Works Like Magic!!
Chain Magick
The pieces are small and should be hidden - either
in your home, in a bag, or in a pocket. Sizes Vary
From Approximately 1/2 Inch To 2 Inches.  Your
piece will come to you in a pixie pouch with

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