I bought this canteen from an old man who cherished it as a child.  It belonged to his older brother.  
He kept the canteen all these years because he and his brother (along with other family members) had
an awful falling out and never spoke again.  They were in their 20s at the time.  After their fight, the
brother left the area and nobody heard from him again.  The canteen was the only thing he had left of
his estranged brother, and it reminded him of brighter days.

The old man sold the canteen because can't keep up with the energy anymore.  He said over the last 70
years, it's moved from room to room with no explanation, and he and his family have heard child-like
laughter coming from the area where the canteen was stored.  Also, he said it brought incredibly good
luck to him and others over the years.  His own words describe it as a "high energy source".  He said he
would hold it, rub it like a genie lamp, and make a wish - and it never failed.  That's no guarantee it
will work for you, but he claims it worked for him and dozens of other people over the decades.

Besides being a little haunted and somewhat of a luck charm, it is an interesting piece of history.   
Some canteens from the 1950s can be found, but it's rare to find one over 90 years old.

If you're drawn to it, it should be yours!
Antique Boy Scout Canteen
The canteen is classic metal with a canvass cover.  
It has the Boy Scout emblem stamped on the front.  
It's faded, worn, and a little rusty.  I would say
fair/good shape.  Fair because it's worn and good
because it's intact.  It measures about 7.5x7.5.  

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