This is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind haunted candy tin from Victorian England.  A friend and owner of
a local antique store knows I have a fascination (or obsession) with Victorian England.  When this
item came to her shoppe with a unique story, she immediately thought of me.

The story is the candy tin belonged to an older lady named Veronica.  She loved the tin because of the
"summer love" pictures on the front and back and "rose beauty" on the two sides.  She dreamed of being
young and in love but at the time she owned the tin, those days were well behind her.  Veronica made
candy for the children on her street and each week invited them to her home for tea, biscuits, and her
homemade candy which she served from this tin.  She would tell them stories based upon the pictures
on the tin.  Unfortunately, Veronica died old, alone, and never finding love again.  But cheerful

The tin was taken by one of the children who frequently visited her, and came to America with her as
an adult.  It was passed on in that family for three generations until it ended up in an attic for several
decades because the family swore it was haunted and the only thing that would "silence" it was
complete isolation.  

They claimed that in the company of people, the tin would move on its own, the lid would fly across
the room, and laughter and whispering could be heard.  This was common.  They also said that candy
stored in the tin seemed to have a different taste than the same candy stored somewhere else.  The
tin-stored candy was much sweeter and absolutely delicious.   They also reported smelling candy when
no candy was in the house.  They smelled strong perfume scents, too, with no explanation.
Haunted Victorian Candy Tin
The candy tin is approximately 6x4.  I was told it's
about 150 years old and that appears to be right,
but I can't say for certain.  It's in fair condition.  There
appears to be dirt along the interior bottom wall,
but it could be rust or tarnish, too.  It probably could
be cleaned or repaired.  The bottom of the lid is
tarnished and there is some fading in certain areas
of the tin.  The bottom (not pictured) is in pretty
good shape.  The artwork is still in nice condition.
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