Antique Hand-Mirror & Brush. Intense Magickal History. Beauty Illusion/Glamour Magick. High
Energy. Hauntingly Beautiful. Permanent Magick.

These items were passed to me when I was five years old by my paternal grandfather. They belonged to
his mother, my great grandmother. I believe they're over 100 years old. A comb was also with the set,
but it broke off in my great grandmother's beautiful long, red hair. She told my grandfather it's
because she didn't NEED the comb. Right after that incident, the other two items appeared to "bond"
as one. I believe that was due to my great grandmother's natural magickal presence and what these
items meant to her.

She was very attached to the mirror and later in life (around age 50), she enchanted it with glamour
magick. It works like this ~ If you look into the mirror and repeat a specific chant, you will appear
much more attractive than you are for the next 24 hours. A glamour is an illusion, so your appearance
will not physically change. But you will appear to glow to those around you. Your lesser attractive
features will become more attractive by double to those who see you, and your more attractive features
will shine four times as beautiful. You may not notice this (but it's likely you will). However, others
surely will.

The brush works hand-in-hand (literally) with the mirror. The brush was enchanted about 10 years
after the mirror. My great grandmother's beautiful red hair began turning a golden white. Each night,
she brushed her hair with as many strokes as her age. People would swear her hair was still red and
much longer than thicker than it actually was. This was due to the glamour.

I used the brush and mirror on my wedding day, and I was simply stunning. I also used it at different
times in my life when I needed a boost, and I received it. Several of my relatives used the brush and
mirror as well with the same results. And I could strongly feel the presence of magick with the mere
touch of these items. Extremely high energy!

It's important to mention that my great grandmother came from a long line of witches. She was a
devout Catholic who practiced Irish Traditional Witchcraft. She worked as a professional tarot & tea
leaf reader, and she performed powerful spells as well. Her mother was an Irish Witch, too, and she
was one of the most powerful witches in Ireland. People came from all over the country to seek her
services. My great grandmother's grandfather was a tarot creator and practitioner of magick his entire

I am having a difficult time parting with the brush and mirror set. But I do have another brush and
mirror of hers that are closer to my heart as well as several other items that belonged to her. I went
into the business of antique sales to make room for my own magickal items that I'll leave to my
descendants.  Part of being in business is letting things go. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

If you're drawn to this set, you were meant to have it.  I can't guarantee the magick will work for
you, but it has worked extremely well each and every time for us.  This is permanent magick. As long
as you own the items, they could create glamour.
Enchanted Antique Mirror & Brush Set
Condition: They are in good condition but not
perfect. There are very slight imperfections on both
the brush and mirror which is to be expected with
their age and use.

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