This pretty box has been in my family since 1940.  It originally belonged to my great grandmother, and
it has been passed to 11 family members and 3 close friends over 4 generations.  

It was given to me on my wedding day, and I've treasured it ever since.  However, now that I've
expanded my business to include haunted and enchanted items, it's only fair that I add a few of my

The box has a powerful enchantment over it.  It was placed upon it by my great grandmother and two
of her friends.  The enchantment is to aid in beauty and romance matters for the person who owns the
box and anyone the box is loaned to.  The enchanted box is known to have saved many marriages, led
people to their twin flames, alerted women of their cheating husbands/boyfriends, influenced
confessions, broke up relationships when necessary, and aided in devotion, deep romance, sexual desire,
and fertility.  

Since it's enchanted for beauty, it's also said to aid in weight loss, clear skin, hair growth, strong
fingernails, reducing wrinkles, and glamours.  Glamours are illusions.  The box is said to have that
effect when requested.  In other words, it could make your breasts appear bigger to others, make you
appears 20 lbs. thinner, make your skin glow, and enhance your good features while shadowing your
negative features.

I have many magickal items from my family and that I enchanted on my own so I didn't use this box
often.  But the few times I used it, it worked well.  One time had to do with my marriage, and it was
a serious situation.  It brought results in approximately 90 days.  Nine out of the eleven family
members and two friends who used the box claim it always worked for them.   Two family members
and one friend said it usually worked for them but not always.  Results seem to happen anywhere from
one day to one year, depending on what is requested.   Simply write your request in black ink on spell
paper and place it in the box.  Aids may be used, too, such as pictures, stones, herbs, or whatever else
you prefer.

This is a super unique item!  If you're drawn to this box, its meant to be yours.   
Enchanted Vintage Beauty Box
The box is in very good condition but not perfect.  
It's a pretty box.  We think it's cedar.  It has a
beautiful, carved, two-tone design on top with a
serene oval picture in the middle.  The clasp works.
Approximately 10x7 and stands 4' from top to
bottom leg.

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