This is Albert From 1800s. Vintage Tin Type Picture.  Incredibly Handsome Man Brings Extreme
Luck & Haunting Magick To Anyone Who Possesses It!

This is Albert. He is an incredibly handsome man who brings excessive luck and preciously haunting
magick to anyone who possesses his photo.

The picture came to me in a very odd way. It's one of a kind, and it was in the midst of unrelated
items. The gentleman who owned the picture before me told me that he was unsure where it came from.
His mother had the picture for years and always referred to the man as Albert. She told her son that
she had never met Albert but she was in love with him.

She also said the picture brought her extreme luck over the years in financial and business matters and
also matters of the heart.  The person who possessed the picture before her had the same good
fortune. The gentleman also said that he and his mother saw visions of Albert in dreams and in their
home. Very pleasant visions and then shortly thereafter, large amounts of money would come their
way, improved romance, job promotions, or accident near-misses.

The pictures is charming and enchanting. You feel energized and happy just holding it.
Haunting Handsome Albert
This is a tintype picture.  The picture is in good
condition but not perfect.  It has a tear in it that
appears to have been glued at some point.  The
back of the picture is muted, old, worn (what
appears to be) velvet. The back is NOT in good
condition. It probably can be restored or placed in
a position where the back is not visible.

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