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About Moonlight Enchantments ~

There is a quaint little magical home located close to Foster's River in the Far
North. Many things happen in this lovely home. It's the dwelling of a devoted
mother and her beautiful, little family. It's home to a few lucky animals who
now have a comfortable place for life. It's a special space where neighborhood
children gather, art and poetry are shared by friends, and Celtic folktales and
games are part of evening family time. There's a sense of peace and happiness
when walking through the front door. The enticing scent of magical candles and
incense fill the air.  A magic floor mirror, a crystal ball, and a frilly daybed laced
with bewitching dolls are placed in a small parlor at the far end of the attic.
And the most remarkable things happen in this room at the end of the hall . . .

Magick is Made!!  Fantasies Become Reality!! Lives Are Transformed!!

I'm Autumn Mist, the owner of Moonlight Enchantments.   And that was a
small glimpse into my world . . .

Please read on to learn about our company.

About Our Company ~

Moonlight Enchantments is a legitimate, well-established company with an
excellent reputation for honesty, reliability, integrity, and client satisfaction. We
are not a fly-by-night online business. We are solidly planted and have proven
ourselves by our constant presence and staying power!  Moonlight Enchantments
is a registered, incorporated U.S. business that has been serving clients
domestically and internationally since January 2005 and local and regional
clients since 2001.  We have thousands of satisfied clients worldwide, and over
90 percent of orders are from repeat or regular clients.

We offer top of the line, world-class spiritual services which includes intricate
psychic & specialty readings, the world's most powerful spells, handmade
magickal items, enchanted beauty items, charmed antiques, haunted objects,
beautiful bewitching jewelry, original books, tarot decks, & magazines.  

We provide two service & product lines ~

The Divine Enchantments line includes rare and unique tarot, psychic &
specialty readings; high-powered, all-inclusive spells & spell packages; world's
most potent spells; unique enchantments; magickal artwork & reprints;
enchanted jewelry; and super sophisticated charms - priced $151 and over.  Our
haunted antiques and charmed objects an can be found at
Bloo Moon Antiques.
Divine Enchantments are priced higher than the other items because they are
more powerful, intricate, and involved - on every level - than our Magical
Treasures line.

Our Magical Treasures line includes intricate tarot, psychic & specialty readings;
powerful spells; exclusive charms & potions; enchanted jewelry; handmade
magickal items; handmade beauty items; original tarot decks; non-fiction, fiction
& poetry books; our magazines; and other magickal items that are between $5 to
$150 - with many services & products well under $100.

All of our services and products are fine-quality, authentic, exclusive, and
original.  Our psychic readings are performed from scratch.  Our spells are cast
with the highest power ingredients and tools.   Our magical artisan products are
handmade-to-order!  Nothing is factory made.  Everything created and sold on
this site is cruelty-free (ingredients not tested on animals), vegan (no animal
by-products), with all-natural, high-quality ingredients made in the USA!

Moonlight Enchantments is based in the Northeastern United States.  Autumn
Mist, her family, staff, and management are spread throughout Pennsylvania,
New York, Massachusetts, and Ontario.

To learn more about Autumn Mist, please read her profile.  And to learn about
the staff and management of Moonlight, please read about
All Of Us!

And remember . . .

You didn't find us by chance. Your intuition led the way.
One meeting with us could change your life forever.

By The Way ~  Some of my personal friends ask me why I don't get a
"professional" website design.  If you're wondering the same, I'd be happy to tell
you the reason.  It's because I don't want my site to look like a stuffy, generic,
white-background business site.  Although I'm a professional business woman,
I'm also a Poet, Writer, Tarotist, Folk Artist & Creator of Magick.  I believe in
freedom of expression, creativity and style, and my "artsy rustic" site is part of
my expression, creativity and style.

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