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We have been online in a business capacity since 2003, serving
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Important: Any item on this site costing $400 or more is NOT stored at our
studio.  We do not purchase expensive items in advance.  We only purchase items
costing $400 or more after your payment is received in full.  We then take your
payment and purchase and create the necessary items for your package or kit.  Due
to the costs, our profit is extremely low.  We have no desire to become rich - only
to assist our clients to the best of our ability and to earn a humble living to
support our family.  Therefore, payment must be made in full before any products
are sent or services are performed.  Thank you.

Records: Our Server records the IP Address and location of every visitor to our
site and every email we receive.  That information can only be viewed by us, and
we keep it confidential.  We would only release it to the proper authorities if we
would need to pursue charges against a harasser.  (That has never happened in all
these years in business but just in case.) Your info will never be released for any
other reason.  All your personal information as a client is kept strictly
confidential.  It will never be released to another seller, individual or business.  If
you're an established client with us and law enforcement or a court would request
your personal information - such as in a divorce proceeding - (including services or
products you obtained) we still would not hand it over.  We would alert you
immediately and consult with our attorney on your behalf.

Notice:  Through This Site, You Must Read and Agree To Our Terms of Service.  
By Purchasing Through This Site, You Are Directly Agreeing With and To Our
Terms.  Spiritual Consulting is to seek the views, knowledge, wisdom and/or advice
of an ordained minister on spiritual, religious and/or soulful matters.  Tarot &
Related Readings are free with spiritual consultation service.  Spells, services,
books and all other products or services distributed on this site or through our
subsidiaries are subject to your own interpretation and created under the Christian
Fantasy genre (which is a literary and artistic genre).  
TRADEMARKs apply to
names.  Spell Names, Reading Names, Item Names, Fictious Names are
Trademarked.  PATENTS apply to our items. Copyrights applies to text content on
this site, on our shipped products, on our email reading results and on our
advertising.  Moonlight Enchantments is a registered, legal U.S. business and is in
compliance with U.S. laws and regulations.   All Products & Services are
Registered with an IBSN.  Moonlight Enchantments is a family owned and
operated company with several subsidiaries.  Legal Disclaimer:  To Practice  
Internationally, We  Must State Services and Products Are For entertainment
purposes only.  Must Be 18+ To Receive Services.  For more Copyright information
and warnings, please view the
Terms of Service page. Moonlight Enchantments is
a Limited Liability Company.

Note to Friends & Clients: Unfortunately, there are many thieves among us.
We, however, are authentic. Our ads, items, services and products are our own. If
you see a copy of any of our ads, items, products or services elsewhere, please feel
free to verify the original as belonging to Moonlight Enchantments LLC. Just run
a WhoIs check on us to confirm our services and products authenticity, You'll see
that any particular item we list has been listed on our website since 2005. Being
online for several years longer than any copycat, this will confirm it to be our own

Note to Copycats:  Our Content is Copyrighted.  Our Names are Trademarked.  
Our Products are Patented.  Everything On Site is Registered With An ISBN.  We
could prove our products/services are our own by copyrights, trademarks, patents,
over 100 public magazine, newspaper and advertising sources and by WI since
2005.  You can't.  If you steal, from us, we will find you. We won't rant, rave or
have a hysterical hissy fit.  What will do is quietly take a screen shot of our
property, expose you to your webserver, Etsy (or wherever you published it) AND
publicly expose you on our website and several other places on the internet with
the proof we have that you're a fraud.  And then we will take criminal and civil
action against you.  We very successfully did it before, and we won't hesitate for
one moment to do it again. Stealing isn't as easy as it use to be.  And trust me.  
Stealing from us is not worth the trouble you will receive as a result . . . On so
many levels.

Warning:  Any unauthorized usage of ANY name on this site or any registered
or Trademarked or Patented name of products, services, person, media means, by
postal mail, advertisement, internet or any other means, will result in prosecution
both criminally and civilly.  Reproduction, in any way, prohibited.In other words,
if you put our company name, product names, author names, character names or
service names ANYWHERE on the internet, text, ads, television, radio  or any
place else - for any reason - without our expressed, written permission, we will
take criminal and civil action against you.

Additional  (To Better Understand) ~

Traditional Magick
is a different practice than the modern version of magick
that became popular in the 1960s and is still going strong today . We, however,
practice a Traditional form of Gray Magick.  The same kind of magick that has
been used for centuries by all - and several generations in my family. A skilled
professional - in the arts of divination, spell casting, potions and herbs - would
help the community. They were compensated for their services.  That was their
job.  Someone could disagree that magickal practitioners should not be paid for
their services, but their opinion or belief cannot change history. It's not immoral to
charge a fee for work performed, supplies needed or services rendered.  I'm also a
professional writer.  I wouldn't dream of giving a manuscript away for free.  
Restaurant owners don't give away meals for free.  Doctors don't treat patients
for free.  We all must earn a living and respect the time, energy, talents and
efforts of others.  In ancient days, Druids charged for their services.  In ancient
Rome, there were spell & magick shoppes on every corner.  Every village had a
wiseman or woman in every continent of the world.  And in my family, I can verify
back six generations of professional spell casters, tarot & tea leaf readers and
magickal practitioners.  Professional spell casters & diviners have been charging
for their services since the beginning of time.  That's the history of magick.  This
could be easily verified by reading a book prior to 1950.

Traditionally, fortune tellers, psychics and diviners are not paid for
predictions to come to pass.  They're paid for the time and energy it takes to
perform a reading.  No psychic, fortune teller or tarotist is 100 percent accurate
with every reading every time.  Claiming to be is unethical and falsely elevating
yourself to the level of God.  My readings are approximately 90 percent accurate.  
That is the highest possible accuracy level in the business. But that also means
I'm wrong sometimes.  Being wrong doesn't mean I'm a fraud or a scam artist.  It
means I'm human.  

Traditionally, spell casters don't get paid for the spell to manifest.  They're
paid for the supplies for the casting and the time and energy it takes to prepare,
cast and follow up with the spell process.  No spell caster has a 100 percent
success rate with every spell every time.  Claiming to have a 100 percent success
rate or guaranteeing results of a spell is unethical and falsely elevating yourself to
a the level of God.  I have a success rate of approximately 90 percent with my
professional spells.  
That's the absolute highest possible success rate in the
But that also means some spells fail.  Failure could be because of many
reasons - from bringing something better into your life than what you requested to
you changing your will midway through the process - among other things.  If a spell
fails, it doesn't mean I'm a fraud or a scam artist.  It means the Divine has the
final word and you will receive precisely what is in your best interest.

Legal: Must be 18+ to receive services from Moonlight Enchantments LLC,
Moonlight Enchantments Magickal Boutique and Services & Products are for entertainment
and/or curio purposes only and subject to your own interpretation. Our services &
products should not be used as a substitute for medical, financial, legal or
psychiatric assistance from a professional in those fields.  Moonlight
Enchantments LLC, Moonlight Enchantments Magikcal Boutique, MoonChants & are not responsible for any accident, injury,
allergic reaction, action or inaction as a direct or indirect result of you or someone
on your behalf using our products or services.  Please Read Our
Before Ordering. By ordering from us, you fully agree to those terms.

Some of the graphics belong to Moonlight Enchantments LLC. Some were acquired
via public domain. If you're the owner of a graphic in our use and would prefer we
take it down, please inform us. If you could prove ownership, we will immediately
comply. Thank you.
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Moonlight Enchantments®  is a legitimate, established multi-dimensional
company with an excellent reputation for honesty, reliability, integrity, and
client satisfaction.   We are not a fly-by-night online business.  We are solid,
stable, and have proven  ourselves by our strong, online presence and staying
power!  Moonlight Enchantments is a registered, incorporated U.S. business
that has been serving
clients in a business capacity (domestically and
internationally) online since 2003 (domain registered in 2005) and locally
and regionally since 2001.  We have thousands of satisfied clients
worldwide, and over 90 percent of orders are from repeat or regular clients.

Moonlight Enchantments offers top of the line, world-class psychic/tarot  
readings, specialty readings, powerful professional spell casting services,
proof of spell casting option at no additional charge, handcrafted magickal
items, original books & tarot decks, fantasy games, handmade magickal
beauty products and more through our online Magical Boutique & Publishing

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Our Art is Irish Traditional Witchcraft.
Our Practice is Gray Magick.

Our religion is Celtic Catholicism.
All three go hand-in-hand and back several
generations in my family.  And all three
significantly pre-date any modern (New Age)
eclectic variations.
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“Magic is natural. It is a harmonious movement of energies to
create a needed change. If you wish to practice magic, all
thoughts of it being paranormal or supernatural must be
forgotten.” - Scott Cunningham
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Autumn Mist's Moonlight Enchantments, Moonlight Enchantments Magical Boutique, Moonlight Enchantments,
Autumn Mist, Autumn Mist Scam, Autumn Mist Reviews, Moonlight Enchantments Scam, Moonlight Enchantments
Reviews, Moonlight Enchantments Awards
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