Magickal Boutique ®
Tea Magick
Magick Tea Bags
Special Herbal Blend Tea Bags Only! Set of 10 Bags For Love, Money,
Luck, Justice, Peace, and Other Goals. One Set Per Goal.

Tea Magick Spell Kit
Create Your Own Magick With A Delicious Cup of Tea. Special Herbal
Blends With Secret Magickal Additions For Your Goals.

Tea Leaf Cup Reading
Tea Leaf Reading From A Sixth-Generation Reader! Exclusive To Us!
Unique Secret Method! No Other Like It As It Is Completely My Own!

Tea Card Reading
An in-depth, month-by-month reading starting with this month
and proceeding one year into the future.  Also touches on six important
life points. Extremely detailed.

Enchanted Tea Cup Set
Antique Enchanted Tea Cup Set Owned/Used By My Great
Grandmother For Almost 40 Years For Tea Leaf Readings and Tea
Spells. Permanent Magick

Haunted Hexed Tea Cup Set
Haunted Hexed Tea Cup Set- Strange Events, Songs, Scents, &
Secrets From This Enchanted Cup Set. It's Been In My Family For
Four Generations.  Permanent Magick At Your Fingertips.