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Tea Leaf Reading
Tea Leaf Reading From A Sixth-Generation Reader! Exclusive To Us!
Unique Secret Method! No Other Like It As It Is Completely My Own!

I descend from six verifiable generations of Celtic Witches who
practiced Christian Magick through divining by tarot, crystal gazing,
tea leaves, spell casting, charms, hexing, healing rituals & remedies,
honoring nature and the Holy Trinity. My great great great grandfather
and his daughter (my great great grandmother) were extremely powerful
folk magick practitioners who were in high demand throughout
Western and Northern Ireland. When my great grandmother grew into
adulthood, she continued the tradition here in the States. She was
known throughout our region as one of the few and extremely accurate
tea leaf readers. Even before I knew about my rich magickal ancestry, I
was drawn to tarot and tea leaves. I invented my own method of
reading, which is more intricate than traditional readings. Years later,
upon studying my great great great grandfather's spell & charm book, I
see that his method (that was passed down the generations to my
grandfather and aunt) is extremely similar to my own and unique to
everybody else's.

This is a listing for an actual Tea Leaf Reading performed at a distance.
Once you order the reading, I will email you with instructions on what
to do from your end so I could read your tea leaves.

This reading tells the past, present, possible future and gives you
hidden information and secrets. . The symbol, position and
interpretation description will be fully explained. (Again, my
symbols are different than traditional symbols.)

Your results will be emailed to you.  In addition to having them emailed,
you may also opt to have them "personally published" on beautiful,
fantasy parchment or linen paper sent to you via postal mail!!

Usual Turn Around Time is 3 to 7 Business Days (Excluding Holiday
Breaks) After Receiving The Necessary Information To Read.  During
our busy seasons, it may take longer depending upon my schedule but
that's rare.  Emergency Service is within 48 hours (two business days)
of receiving payment and the necessary information to perform the

The results are up to
1,000 words and this general reading is good for one year.


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Tea Leaf Reading