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Spirit Guide Drawing
Is your spirit guide an ancestor? A stranger from heaven? Could your
spirit guide be your guardian angel only? What does your spirit guide
look like? What is his or her name? What message do they want to give

I work with two psychic artists. One is a beloved, close family member
who is a seventh generation psychic & artist, and the other is my twin
flame who is a Rune creator and artist.

For this reading, I sit with one of the psychic artist. I do a reading to
gather the name of your spirit guide, who your guide is in relation to
you and the immediate message your guide has for you. I write
everything on a piece of paper. I will also have a clear vision of your
guide in my mind. At the same time, the psychic artist will draw your
guide. During that time, he will also see the name of your spirit guide,
who your guide is in relation to you and the immediate message your
guide has for you. At the end of the session, he and I will trade papers.
I will look at the picture he drew, and he will read the information I
wrote. If the picture he drew is the person I saw in my mind and the
information I gathered is what he felt as well, we know for sure the
reading is accurate. If even the smallest point is off, we do the whole
process again. However, in the years I've been offering this service, we
were only off by two points with one reading.

This reading is extremely accurate. Your spirit guides may change
several times over your lifetime and their messages change as well.
Therefore, you may have the spirit guide reading more than once but I
would recommend waiting six months between each Spirit Guide

The picture you will receive is a very good sketch with some color. It is
not a professional painted portrait - but a very nice drawing of your
spirit guide's face. It will be laminated on 8x11 drawing paper.

The paper that will accompany it will be handwritten and very brief. A
name, the Guide's relation to you and your Guide's current message for

$____ Per Spirit Guide Drawing & Info Sheet

These drawings are currently not offered.
Please choose the
Psychic Spirit Message Painting instead.

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