Spell Consultation
Reasons You Might Need an Optional Live Consultation ~

Very Important ~

For us to cast your spell, you do NOT need a spell consultation. We
worked very hard to make sure our professional spells and the process is
explained clearly and in extreme detail on the website.  This is to make it
easy for you to choose a spell package on your own.  If you're considering
a spell, please read our
Frequently Asked Questions, Avoiding Spell
Scams and, most importantly, The Enchanting Spell Parlor.  After
reading the information on those pages, you will probably be able to
choose the proper spell and spell level.  


If you're still unsure about which Spell Package or Do-It-Yourself Spell
Product to order, you may have a live consultation with Autumn Mist to
discuss your situation so she may suggest a spell option for you.  
(Again, we encourage you to read the site carefully.  You may be able
to choose the proper product or service without a consultation.)

You may also use this service if you'd like to cast a spell completely
independent of our services or products and need direct, real advice
from a magickal arts professional.  Autumn Mist will answer any
question you have about magick, spell casting or divination. (This type of
consultation is limited to 15 minutes.)

Regarding our
Supreme Infinite Power Spell Packages (World's Most
Potent Spells) - Since the Infinite Power Spells are so incredibly
powerful, a consultation is necessary before proceeding.  At that time,
Autumn Mist will evaluate your situation, answer your questions,
explain the process and what to expect, tell you what is included with
your package, and quote you a price.   You're under NO obligation to
order an Infinite Power Spell Package if you have a
consultation.  However, if you decide to proceed, the cost of the
consultation may be deducted from your balance (for this spell only).
NOTE:  If you're a regular or established client, you do NOT need a spell
consultation to order the Infinite Power Spell Package since we know
your cases.  Just email Customer Care if you'd like information.

Autumn Mist use to offer free spell consultations.  However,
due to time restrictions, it is necessary to charge for these consultations.  
(They're at a VERY discounted rate.)
Further, it is difficult for Customer Care to distinguish serious
inquiries from frivolous ones.  However, if you are an
established client and Autumn Mist knows you and your case,
the consultation may be done by email free of charge (depending).

Spell consultations are 15 to 30 minutes in length.  They may be done in
two different ways - via Live Online Chat Session (through AIM or
Skype) or via Quick-Answer Live Email Sessions where you and Autumn
stand by and basically text through email with quick email answers back
and forth.  (The reason we're offering the latter is because many clients
have requested this option over the last year.)  Through either method,
Autumn Mist will quickly but thoroughly answer your questions so not to
waste your time.

A spell consultation is not a psychic reading.  Psychic readings are a
separate service.  A spell consultation is only to consult about your
specific spell situation or general questions relating to magick or spell

Please Order Through PayPal Prior To Contacting Customer Care For
An Appointment.  Thank you!

Live Online Chat Spell Consultation (US & Worldwide) - $50
Quick-Answer Live Email Chat - (US & Worldwide - $50

Please Contact Us At CustomerCare@MoonlightEnchantments.com, Or
For Your Convenience, You May Use This Form
To Schedule An Appointment After Ordering Through Pay Pal:

To learn more about our spell casting process and to see what is included
with each level, please visit the Enchanting Spell Parlor.

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