Magical Treasures Spell Candles®
Powerful, Handmade, Adorned Artisan Spell Candles - Two Sizes

Garden of Flames®
Unique, Beautiful, Handmade Artisan Three-flame Vigil Candles

Campanian Power Spell Candle
Inspired by the Italian Region of Campania, Known Throughout
Europe For Intense & Effective Love Magick, These Are The
World's Most Powerful Spell Candles.

Moon Glow Booster Candles
To boost existing magick, power magick in motion, quicken
results, strengthen manifested results, or to extend the "life of

Earth Magick Candles
Rustic, Handmade Spell Candles With Unique Color Combinations

Angel Fire Wish Candle
Petite, Handmade Angel Candle Exclusively Created
Magickal Boutique ®