Shipping & Handling

We offer free shipping within the U.S. on all  items included with our
professional spell packages, all optional printable readings, and all items
and orders totalling $300 or more.  

We offer free shipping internationally on all items included with our
professional spell packages and all product items and product
orders totalling $300 or more.

There are shipping charges for items and orders
less than $300.  

all services and most products are do not require a shipping charge,
how do you know if your item(s) are charged a shipping fee?  You will be
charged shipping at checkout if your item or order requires it.

There is a shipping discount on multiple items within one order.  

Questions?  Email us at

Shipping Policy ~

Shipping Method ~

First Class/Priority USPS

We ship First Class/Priority Shipping through the U.S. Postal Service.  
Tracking, within the U.S., is included with every package.  Up to $50
Insurance is included with most but not all packages.  Postal insurance
covers lost or stolen items, or items damaged enroute.  Moonlight
Enchantments is not responsible for item(s) lost, stolen, or damaged
enroute, and we will not refund or resend any item(s) lost, stolen, or
damaged after they leave our hands.  That is the responsibility of the
Postal Service. Therefore, we highly recommend that you insure your
item(s).  Insurance (or additional insurance) is only $5 within the
Continental U.S.  

Add Insurance ~

Shipping/Arrival Time ~

The vast majority of items on this site are hand created and made-to-order
by Autumn Mist.   We are not a retail store.  The items are not in a
warehouse ready to ship.  We do not use a drop shipper or manufacturer for
any of our magickal items.  Once the item is ordered, it is created.  
Afterwards, it's forwarded to our shipping lady.  She packs it individually,
addresses it, and sends it.  

We usually ship on Fridays.  Most orders are shipped within a week of
placing your order.  Some packages, however, take up to 14 business days
to ship.  Unless otherwise stated, this is the case with all orders.

If we are "out of stock" on a particular item (such as perfume orders which
require two weeks to create perfectly or Love Potion No. 9 in which a large
batch is created yearly), it may take longer.  If this is the case, we will
notify you. If not, please expect your product shipment to be sent within 2
to 14 business days of your order date, and items included with
professional spell packages will be sent within 14 business days of the last
day of your spell casting.  

After the shipment leaves our hands, we have no control over how long it
takes to reach you.  If you need an item for a certain day, please allow for
that when ordering.  Please allow extra time during national holidays and
the Christmas season.

Express Service & Shipping ~

Many times people need items quickly.  We will certainly provide this
service, with most items, if that's the case.

Rush Service -

If you need an item created and sent to you in a hurry or by a certain day,
you may want express service.  We can do a "rush creation" and make and
send your item out within 48 hous.  (Some restrictions may apply to this
service.)  There is a flat-rate charge of $35 for up to 3 items and $10 for
each additional item.  Regular shipping charges apply!  Also, if your order
totals $300 or more, there will still be a shipping charge for Rush Service.

Express Shipping -

We offer Two-Day shipping if you're in urgent need of receiving your
item(s) quickly.

There will be additional charges for these services!  Charges vary.

Please email us at:
if you want one or both of these services.

Returns/Refunds ~

You may receive a full refund (minus Pay Pal fees) within 24 hours of
ordering a product or service if the product has not been created,
personalize or customized for you within those 24 hours OR if the service
had not been performed for you within those 24 hours.  However, after the
service has begun or the product has been created, personalized or
customized for you (after 24 hours), you will not receive a refund.  Due to
the nature products sold on this site, all sales are final.  We are not in any
way liable for any item or items damaged in transit.  Postal insurance is
available for a small additional fee (above).

Proof of Shipment (within the U.S.) ~

We obtain tracking information on all shipments; therefore, we can track
your item right to your door.  After your shipment is sent, please feel free
to email us for an estimated time of arrival.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen items after we ship them.  If you
want postal insurance on your package, there will be a small additional fee
(above).  In the event that your item is lost or stolen and you have shipping
insurance, the post office will handle the matter.  
We will not provide cash refunds or replacement items if your shipment was
lost, stolen, or damaged in transit.  

Outside The U.S./Customs ~

We product ship to Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.  We no
longer product ship to Mexico, South America, Africa, or Asia.

However, we service (provide psychic readings and spell work) to every
single country in the world, no exceptions.  So regardless of your country,
please order any service you'd like.

Moonlight Enchantments is not responsible for any shipment that is
blocked, stolen, damaged, or lost by Customs in your country.

When we send a shipment internationally, we are given a Customs Number
on a receipt with our mailing address, the customer's mailing address, the
date and time the shipment was sent.  The receipt is from the United States
Postal Service.  We can take a digital picture and email a copy of this
receipt to you as proof the shipment was mailed.  However, we cannot
track packages outside of the United States.  After we leave your package
at our post office, it is completely out of our hands.  If you have a problem
receiving your item(s), you must take it up with your local postal service
with the proof of shipment customs receipt we send you by email.  

Again, we cannot track the shipment, and
we will not provide a cash
refund or replacement item
if your package does not reach you since we will
have proof that we mailed it.  If you live outside the US and agree to
purchase products from us, you agree to these terms.

If you would like international postal insurance for your shipment or if
you'd like it sent by FedEx or UPS currier, we can provide those services to
you.  However, the fees may be extreme depending upon the weight of the
item(s) and the destination.  Please email us if you'd like us to find rates
for you.

We reserve the right to deny product sales to customers in countries that
have lost shipments from us in the past.  We will perform services
(readings, spells, prayers, etc.) for anyone in the world.  However, if there
is a history of lost packages in certain countries, we will no longer ship to
those countries.  

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Policy (above) and our
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