January 2017 - Regarding Spell Manifestation ~

Clients often ask when their spell will manifest so I put this page together as a guide to time

By casting a spell, we're changing the energy involved in a matter.  We're manipulating the
energy and causing a change to what normally would occur.  This change could happen in
stages or it could happen abruptly without warning.  

If a spell is in motion and you have a psychic reading, the reading may show a prediction for
two months but this is not taking into account the spell energy which could suddenly change
the energy without notice causing the prediction to move up to two weeks instead of two

Spell energy is different for every person and every situation.  

If you and "Susie" have similar situations and both hire me to perform a Third Degree Spell,
Susie's spell may manifest in one month, but yours may take six months.   It's quite personal,
and there's no honest way to determine exactly when your spell will fully manifest.

Some of the reasons it may take longer than sooner to see results is choosing a lower level spell
for a more difficult situation.  It's possible that a less-powerful spell will cause the
manifestation of a large goal, but it will take longer.  Another reason is over-anxiety,
negativity, or abundant stress of the person behind the spell work (in this case, the client).  
That's not to blame the client, of course.  But it stands to reason that any time negativity is
thrown into any scenario, it slows progress.  

Energy Readings can tell if the spell has fully manifested (although you would know, too,
because that means results).  An energy reading could also show whether the energy is active,
moving, at a stand-still, needs boosting, or if the spell has completely failed.  

I've been casting professional spells for 15 years (3 regionally and 12 years
regionally/internationally). In those 15 years, my professional spells have manifested fully 95
percent of the time based upon direct client feedback and personal information.  That means
the client received exactly what he or she desired.  The other 5 percent receive part
manifestation (some of what they desired but not completely), something completely different
but better than they desired, or nothing at all (complete failure).  It's rare but it happens.  

When you agree to work with a spell caster, you must realize that he or she is a human being
who does NOT possess supernatural powers but rather has a knowledge, understanding, and
skill in ancient practical magick.  Magick takes time, but it's worth it.  You're always better
in some way for it.

So after being in business so many years, I am giving a percentage break down from thousands
my past spell clients from all over the world so you can get an idea of "how long it takes" .  
This is from the
LAST DAY of the spell until manifestation regardless of the level chosen or
the degree of difficulty.

11 Percent - Full Manifestation Within 1 Month
22 Percent - Full Manifestation Within 1 to 3 Months
24 Percent - Full Manifestation 4 to 6 Months
23 Percent - Full Manifestation 7 to 12 Months
15 Percent - Full Manifestation 13 to 24 Months
5 Percent - Part Manifestation/Substitute Manifestation/Failure

The benefit of spell casting is not only therapeutic but it's to create a change to your
advantage.  If you don't cast, that change may never happen.  "Patience" is not just a cliché in
spell work.   It's a necessary part of the process.  Without it, true magick can't exist.  

“Magic is natural. It is a harmonious movement of energies to create
a needed change. If you wish to practice magic, all thoughts of it
being paranormal or supernatural must be forgotten.” - Scott

Mike Reiten - Thank you for taking
so much time to track so many
records to figure out these percentages. Very much appreciated!