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SERENITY ART® by Professional Artist, Writer & Editor -
C.P. Zephta

Serenity Art® is incredibly beautiful, original, celestial art that is
designed to draw peaceful, calming, relaxed energy to the person
or area surrounding it. It can be placed in a work or home
environment. It could be used as a piece of art or object of
reflection for meditation, ritual, prayer, or spell work. Regardless
of its precise use, it will always create an aura of serenity.

C.P. creates each piece individually as ordered. It's a personal
process just for you. The painting can be prsevered with only two
colors or powerful with several colors - whichever you prefer.

The standard painting size is 11x14 on poster board with a slight
sheen. He could make a larger or smaller painting if that's what
you prefer. The price will be adjusted accordingly.

Colors available:

Midnight Blue

Choose two colors or more - all if you'd like.

Pictured below are two and three-tone paintings.
Please note that each painting comes out differently. Your
painting will not look exactly like the pictured paintings. No two
paintings are ever the same.

If you have a special custom request, please let us know. Discount
on two or more ordered at the same time.

After you order, please email us at with your color

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14 business days.  If you need Rush Service and Express Shipping,
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business days. There is a flat-rate fee of $35 for Rush Service on
up to 3 items ($10 per item after that), plus shipping charges.  If
you need Rush Service, Please Email Us.

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