What is intuitive psychological counseling?  It's a combination method
of counseling - by intuition and psychology.  It provides a broad view of
why and how with a practical resolve.  This isn't a classic psychic
reading.  If you want a psychic reading, we have many to choose from.  
However, this session isn't used to tell the future but rather to help you
make sense of the past, make proper decisions in the present, and give
you direction towards the future - from a psychological standpoint.  

It can drastically help resolve issues relating to the following ~

Religious or Spiritual
Financial or Career
Love or Relationship
Sexual or Romantic
Family or Friendships
Work or Role
Past Guilt
Worry About The Future
Anxiety or Depression

Along with being a Master Tarotist, Autumn Mist holds a graduate
degree and is a licensed psychological counselor.  She is accepting
appointments via live online chat.  

Dr. Delila holds a PhD. and is Board Certified in counseling and
biological medicine.  She is also a clairvoyant and divining expert.  She is
accepting appointments via telephone only.

Each Session is 30 or 60 Minutes.   You decide how many sessions you
will have.  There is a package discount if you purchase six sessions in

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