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One-Card Tarot/Pendulum Reading

One-Card Tarot/Pendulum Reading

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The one-card Tarot/Pendulum Reading is designed to provide
you with a yes or no answer only.  Two methods are used - a
Major Arcana pull and the Pendulum. There is absolutely no
elaboration on the answer.  You will only receive one word - yes
or no.  

Three Card Tarot Reading

The Three-card Tarot a short reading that is designed to answer
one question or generally address a situation.  It is performed
with the Major Arcana portion of the Tarot deck so the cards
are directed and concentrated.  The spread is thee cards - past,
present and possible future.  The results are approximately three

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After ordering, please email us with your name, date of birth
and question.  Turn around time is usually 2 to 5 business days
excluding holiday breaks.

We Serve Clients Worldside!
To learn more about our psychic reading process, please visit the
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About Zephta ~  
C.P. began having accurate psychic dreams as a toddler.  
Growing up, he and his mother, who is a world renowned
professional psychic, played intuitive games where C.P. showed
approximately 85 percent accuracy each and every time!  His
mother began teaching C.P. the Tarot at age nine.  Currently,
C.P. mastered the Major Arcana and plans to work closely
with mom to build psychic skills to the fullest.  C.P. is a seventh
generation tarot reader and from a long line of professional
psychics and magical practitioners.  Talented & extremely
intelligent, C.P. is also an extremely talented artist and writer.  
He is currently studying psychology and is co-executive editor of
an international literary magazine.  

Every single reading performed by C.P. is "rechecked" by Autumn
Mist or Christian Santini before reaching the client.

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