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This reading is on a photograph of a person or place. You may have a photo
of an ancestor that you need more information about. Perhaps you're
doubting your lover's intentions and need some verification. Maybe you're
doing business with a stranger or going on a blind date. This type of
reading can answer some burning questions.

Some of the things I could tell from viewing a picture of a person is a
name, age at the time of the picture, occupation, ethnicity, geographical
location of the picture, place the person lived, place in life, thoughts,
motives, ideas, likes, dislikes, secrets, lies or and other unique and personal

Some of the things I could tell you by viewing a picture of a place is a
name, history, psychic memories, spiritual connections, personal connections
and other unique information.

Please note that with this particular type of reading, I have no control
over what comes forward. Your reading may include all of the things I
mentioned or just some of them. This is a purely clairvoyant reading. I use
absolutely no tools at all. Once in a great while, nothing comes through. In
that case, of course, I will refund your money. However, that only
happened twice in all the years I've been in business.

Your results will be emailed to you.  In addition to having them emailed,
you may also opt to have them "personally published" by beautiful, fantasy
parchment with a lace ribbon to scroll, sent to you via postal mail!!

Normal turn around time is 3 to 7 business days.
24-Hour Emergency Service Available!

Please send your name, your email address and up to three questions about
your picture.

Results are between 100 to 500 words, depending upon how much
information comes forward.

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After ordering, please email us with your name, date of birth, the picture
and three questions regarding it.

To learn more about our psychic reading process, please visit the
Psychic Salon.

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