We offer a Lay-A-Way Payment Plans for services or products totalling
$500 or more.  There are two different types of Lay-Aways. Please read
the guidelines carefully before ordering.

Lay-A-Way Terms For Professional Spell Packages & Products:

1.  The down payment must be at least 10 percent of the total spell
package or product, and 10 percent of the down payment is
non-refundable even if you cancel.

2.  The entire amount of the spell package or product must be paid in
full before any products are sent to you and before any spell work is
performed on your behalf.

3.  There are no set payment amounts nor due dates.  However, payment
in full must be made within 12 months.  

5.  If you decide against the spell package or product during the 12
month period (prior to paid-in-full), you will be refunded the entire
amount you paid minus the 10 percent down payment, associated taxes
and Pay Pal fees.  (Again, the 10 percent down payment is
non-refundable.)  You may opt for credit instead of a cash refund.  

6.  If, after 12 months, you do not have the package or product paid in
full and do not request a cash refund before that time, you will be
issued credit only for the amount paid.  In other words, after 12
months, there will be no cash refunds whatsoever, only credit towards
products and services at Moonlight Enchantments minus fees.

7.  There will be no notices sent to you regarding your lay-away.  We
will keep track of what is paid, but no reminders or bills will be emailed
to you.  

Lay-Away Terms For "Only One Available" Items ~
(This is usually Enchanted Jewelry or Charmed Object items.)

1.  The down payment must be at least 25 percent of the total price of
the item.

2.  Payment plan for this item is bi-weekly.  The amount of the payment
depends upon the total amount of the item.

3.  The item must be paid in full by 90 days.  

3.  Because we will hold the item and agree not to sell it to anyone else,
the 25 percent down payment is non-refundable if you change your
mind.  Any remaining monies you pay within the 90 days are refundable
minus PayPal fees and taxes.  

4.  Once the item is paid in full and sent to you, there are no refunds.

5.  If you miss a bi-weekly payment and we don't hear from you, we
will cancel the lay-away within 72 hours. If you can't make your
payment on the due date and still want the item, please let us know as
soon as possible so we can give you an extension.

6.  There will be no notices sent to you regarding your lay-away.  We
will keep track of what is paid, but no reminders or bills will be emailed
to you.

All payments are to be made via PayPal to

If you agree to a lay-away plan, you agree to these terms.  
To be fair to everyone, there will be absolutely no exceptions to the
above terms.

Gift Certificates/Retainers -

This is actually Gift Credit.  You may purchase any service, product or
amount of credit to be used as a gift for someone else or a retainer for
your own use.   Gift Credit/Retainters may be purchased in any

We will also ship any package or product to anyone at your direction
for a birthday, graduation, wedding or anniversary.  Please ORDER the
product or service through Pay Pal, THEN contact Customer Care with
instructions.  CustomerCare@MoonlightEnchantments.com.

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