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I descend from six verifiable generations of Celtic Folk Witches who
practiced Christian Magick through diving by tarot, crystal gazing,
tea leaves, spell casting, hexing, healing rituals, honoring nature
and the Holy Trinity. My paternal grandfather, however, was the
only one in our family who practiced palmistry. The unique method
I use was taught to me by my grandfather when I was a very small
child. It came to be naturally as this particular gift has been passed
down to his only granddaughter (among many grandsons).

About The Palm ~

The hand changes drastically over the course of a person's lifetime.
Not just aging on the outside but the lines in the palm. They are
literally a reflection of the past and present and an indicator for
the future. The reading will cover key points that are obvious and
also hidden secrets as well. The type of hand, fingers and shape will
be detailed as well as the brilliant lines on your palm such as your
Heart, Head, Destiny and Life Lines as well as some minor lines.

Clarity of the past, perspective of the present and a guide to the

To perform the reading, I will need a clear scan of your palm that
includes your entire hand. Left hand preferred. Your results will be
emailed to you. , you may also opt to have them To perform the
reading, I will need a clear scan of your palm that includes
"personally published" by beautiful, fantasy parchment with a lace
ribbon to scroll, sent to you via postal mail!!

Normal turn-around time with this reading is 3 to 7 business days,
depending upon how many bookings are ahead of yours.  We will let you
know when to expect your results.

Emergency Service Available!
For this particular reading, Emergency Service is within 48 Hours
(but usually completed in 24 hours), Monday through Friday,
excluding holiday breaks.  Any Emergency orders received after
Friday Noon EST will be sent within 48 hours of the following
business day.

No scripts EVER!  
Every reading performed from scratch!

Spiritual Consulting Via Palm Reading
Approximately 800 Words

Special Method Palmistry Profile
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After ordering, please email us with your name, date of birth and a
clear picture of your left hand.

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