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The mere mention of the word Ouija sends fear and terror through
everyone from Christian Fundamentalist to advanced Occultists.  
Even some atheists won't touch the Board.   

Regardless of what you've been told, the Ouija does not have a deep,
dark history.  It was invented in 1890 as a harmless parlor game.  
After WWI, it gained popularity as a tool for divination.  Somehow
pop culture twisted that into "demon conjuring".  If you understand
divination, you are well aware that divination is vastly different than
demon conjuring.  With that being said, you can use the Ouija to
conjure demons  However, you can also conjure demons by using
nothing more than words as well.  Obviously you can use words for
other purposes  . . . And you can use the Ouija Board for other
purposes, too.  

Autumn Mist uses the Board for medium divination of only
God-based spirits - whether they are purely spiritual (Holy Spirit &
angels) or earth spirits (saints, ancestors, etc.).  She knows how to
properly cast a circle and read the Ouija.  Her mother taught her
special methods to the Ouija as her mother began using the Board
when she was just six years old.  

Your results will be emailed to you.  In addition to having them
emailed, you may also opt to have them "personally published" by
beautiful, fantasy parchment with a lace ribbon to scroll, sent to you
via postal mail!!

Normal turn-around time with this reading is 3 to 10 business days,
depending upon how many bookings are ahead of yours.  We'll let you know
when to expect the results.

Emergency Service Available! For this particular reading, Emergency
Service is within 48 Hours (but usually completed in 24 hours),
Monday through Friday, excluding holiday breaks.  Any Emergency
orders received after Friday Noon EST will be completed within 48 hours
of the following business day.

No scripts EVER!   

All Ouija Board Readings are performed from scratch by Autumn
Mist and her mother only.  They are very safe and extremely accurate.  
Ask up to 10 questions.  Results are approximately 1,200 words
depending upon how many questions are asked.

Special Method Ouija Board Reading
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