Magickal Items

Below is a complete list of our magickal items.  Please note that this list does
not include our
Psychic & Specialty Readings or our Professional Spells.  
This is only our Magickal Items. This includes hand-made items consecrated
for the customer.  Also included are one-of-a-kind, unique charmed items.   
For a description or to order, please click on the item or category.  Below the
list of magickal items is general information.  Please read the entire page.  
Thank you!

Our Magickal Items ~

Enchanted Artisan Spell Soaps
Shine Spell Gloss
Liquid Magic Beauty Serum
Liquid Magic Dream Cream
Bedroom Eyes Magical Cream
Enchanted Moon Body Cream
Sparkling Beauty Spell Dust
Enchanted Dusts  
Blushing Beauty Enchanted Body Powder
Magical Spell Candy  
Garden of Flames Magick Vigil Candles
Magical Treasures Spell Candles    
Campanian Love Spell Candles
Angel Fire Wish Candles
Earth Magick Spell Candles
Divine Word Tarot Spell Kits   
Luxury Charm Spell Kits
Midnight Fantasy Spell Kit    
Enchanted Treasures Deluxe Spell Kits
Coven of Christ Spell Boxes
Irish Witch Bottles
Superior Power Gigantic Witch Bottle
Gothic Artisan Perfume Oils
Magic Body Mists
Liquid Magic Perfume Potion
Magic Hair Potion
Artisan Incense
Marseille Remedy
Folk Wish Wand
Fairy Bell Wish Wand
Hanging Healing Cluster Crystal
Magickal Spell Paper
Magickal Home Items
Victorian Magick Sachets
Tea Magick Spell Kits
Blessed Holy Water
Love Potion No. 9
Magical Stones
Spellbound Cat Bags
Enchanted Beauty Mirror
Enchanted Jewelry
Haunted/Charmed Objects
Custom Handmade Rosaries
Holy Night Spell Oil
Magickal Bath Crystals
Magical Herbs
Divine Magic Dolls
Himmelsbrief Charms
Magical Art
Magic Bottles
Love Letter Spell

Seasonal Specials - Please visit our "Specials" Page on the website.

Page Last Updated January 19, 2017

What all of the items have in common is a do-it-yourself element.  The item is
created with intricate energy as well as the proper ingredients and colors.  
The items are spiritually consecrated and magickally charged to be conducive
with your goals and purposes.  But I do not make the magick happen with
regards to the items listed below.  You do!  Your will, direction, and desire
cause manifestation and results.    

Some items are more powerful than others, obviously.  The items that project
"permanent magick" (that can be used again and again) are more powerful
than extinguishable items (such as candles, oils, etc.).  

We accept custom orders on all our hand-made items.  If you want something
that isn't listed, please email Customer Care.  

We also offer powerful professional spells and psychic readings.

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