Magickal Boutique ®
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Rustic House Blessing Box®
Wooden House Blessing Magick Box~Protection/Defense Against
Unwanted Spirits, Negative Energy and Intruders. Charged and Filled
With Magickal Herbs!

Tea Magick Bags®
Special Herbal Blend Tea Bags Only! Set of 10 Bags For Love, Money,
Luck, Justice, Peace, and Other Goals. One Set Per Goal.

Tea Magick Spell Kits
Create Your Own Magick With A Delicious Cup of Tea. Special Herbal
Blends With Secret Magickal Additions For Your Goals

Magickal Salt
Magickal Salt For Rituals, Protection, Binding, Banishing, Blessing,
and Kitchen Witchery. Special Blend Magickally Charged &

Blessed Holy Water
Exceptional Water Blend Charged With Christian Magick! For Use In
Spell Work, Novenas, Prayers & Annointing.  Annoint children & pets.  

Spellbound Pet Bags
A Little Bag of Blessings For Your Cat.

Victorian Magick Sachets
Magickal Sachet Could Draw Energy For Protection, Love, Justice,
Money and More! Beautifully scented & Eloquent. All Natural.   
Children's protection sachets available!  Please specify when ordering.  

Marseille Remedy (Four Thieves Vinegar)
Magickal Formula For Many Purposes!  Enchanting Magick-Infused.

Please View Our Subsidiary Which Often Features Magickal
Vintage & Antique Items For The Home ~