World's Most Potent Power Spells
~Supreme High Magick ~
Infinite Power Spell Package
The Infinite Power is a Deluxe Luxury Spell Series and It Is ***The World's Highest
Power Spell. It's of Excessive, Extraordinary Power.  These Spells drip with extreme,
unrelenting magic and are designed for excessively complicated situations with more
than one extreme obstacle or goal or when other spells have failed.  The Infinite Power
is extremely fast acting and created to achieve permanent results.  This spell casting
will continue for 60 nights even if results manifest prior to that.  We continue
on to seal for permanency.

With This Spell Package, You Will Receive ~

An exclusive Enchanted Treasures Spell Kit®
Your kit will be Handmade by Autumn Mist, Fully Spiritually Consecrated, and
Magickally Charged by a Secret Family Method for your Personal Situation.
A Certified Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Large Amethyst or Crystal - depending
on the type of spell (love, money, justice, etc.),
A Professional Spell Series 60 nights
by Autumn Mist, Jarle Olsen, & Lady Paulette.
Time For Three Spell Casters, Tools, & Supplies Included.)
A Financial Breakdown Of Costs Upon Request.
Five Booster Spells.
60 Days Unlimited **Energy Readings/Updates.
One Deluxe Starlight Email Reading Upon Request.
Proof of Spell Casting Option By Video, Digital Photos, and/or Audio at
No Additional Charge.

Absolutely ANY Goal Can Be Addressed With This Spell Package!

If you're interested in the Infinite Spell Series, you must have a live Spell
Consultation with Autumn Mist prior to ordering.  Customer Care cannot
answer any of your questions about this series.  The only way to know if this
spell is right for you is through a spell consultation.

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Spell Consultation

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***"World's Most Powerful" is based upon direct feedback that we have received
for over a decade from clients, friends, and family members who used these
spells.  It is also based upon tools, ingredients, experience, & length comparisons
with other professionals in this industry.
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