The Love Letter Charm Spell is a fully trademarked, patented,
original service brought to you by the talented proprietors of
Moonlight Enchantments!  This is one of our exclusive services unseen
anywhere else!  The Love Letter Charm Spell is a personalized love
letter written on your behalf to the lady or gentleman of your
affection.  However, it's not just a letter.  There is a powerful Love
Spell rolled into this charm!  

The words of this letter mean much more than just words on paper.  
They will pour gripping emotion from your soul to the soul of the
intended that could leave an intense mark of love, longing and desire.  
The Letter may be used to initiate a new romance, to cause someone
understand your feelings, to promote a change of heart, to show your
devotion to a significant other or a spouse, to win back a lover or for
any other issue of love, desire and romance.

There is a high level of Love Magic directly associated with this
Charm.  It is written by Autumn Mist who is a professional writer as
well as a seasoned magickal practitioner.  This Spell is not to be used
lightly as the affects of Love Magic may be strong and lasting.  The
letter must be given or sent from you to the person of your affection.  
Therefore, if you wish to do things secretly or anonymously, you
should consider another type of spell.

The letter will be printed on Secret Love Spell Paper and sent to you
via postal mail.  We offer three levels!  Free Shipping.

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ISBN: 9781937156268

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Love Letter Charm Spell
Love Letter Charm Spell
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