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Jarle Olsen
Jarle Olsen has been a part of Moonlight Enchantments for many
years. He and Autumn Mist have a very close relationship, and
they work extremely well together.  

Jarle is Norwegian.  He grew up on the outskirts of Oslo, and he's
lived in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, California, Denmark, and  
Northern Ireland.  After graduating college with honors, he holds a
Master's Degree in Religion.  He also has over 30 years experience
(26 of which professional) practicing magick as a potionist, spell
caster and diviner.

Jarle is a Gray Witch, which simply means his magickal practice
includes magick that can both heal and harm, depending upon the
need.  He considers himself a Dark Sorcerer because his specialty is
Justice, Protection, Hex & Defense Magick.  He's also an expert in
Dark Love Spells for break ups, bindings, love justice, healing a
broken heart, and reuniting lovers.

Jarle's role at Moonlight Enchantments is to assist Autumn Mist
with spells and energy readings all year around, especially during
our busy seasons.   However, if you would like Jarle to solely work
on a spell for you, please let us know.  He also performs Dark Love

Jarle has a very strong energy presence.  He comes from four
generations of gifted professional witches who followed Native
European Spirituality..  His magickal assistance will greatly
increase the chances of success.  

Along with working with Autumn Mist, Jarle currently has a
successful magickal practice in Toronto, Canada, where he splits his
time between there and York, Pennsylvania.  

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