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Full Moon Spell Package
Full Moon Spells are performed once per month.  This is a special
featured spell package so it's different than our
regular spell packages.  There is only one level available, and the
series is cast for three nights.  The night before, the night of, and
the night after the full moon.

You would choose this spell if you need additional power on a spell
already in progress, or if you want a strong, condensed spell
performed quickly on absolutely any matter at all.

Because spells I perform for others often overlap the full moon, only
a limited number of slots are available monthly for this package.  
How many slots depends on my workload for that particular
month.  You may inquire before ordering if you'd like.  All orders
must be in at least 72 hours before the night of the full moon to give
me 2 days to prepare the series.

With each package you will receive:

* A personal professional spell series cast towards your goal
* A high-quality, high-power, hand-made, specialized consecrated
large-size artisan Moon Spell Candle sent to you or burned by us on
your behalf
* One Booster Spell performed on the Night of The Full Moon on
the following month

What I need from you ~

Your full name, the names of all involved, dates of birth, picture if
possible, your email address, your mailing address, and details about
the situation.

Spell Package ~ $600

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Important ~
If you need a more powerful spell, please consider one of our three
Supreme Degree Spells - The Most Powerful Spells Known To Man.  
To Learn More, Please Visit
Our Enchanting Spell Parlor.  

If you're unsure if the Full Moon Spell is right for you, or to Book
a Consultation For a Supreme Degree Spell, Please Contact Us!

Shipping on spell package items is free of charge
anywhere in the world.

After you place an order, please
Email Us with the full names of all
involved, your date of birth, pictures if possible and a brief
description of the situation along with your goals.

To learn more about our spell casting process and to see what is
included with each level, please visit the Enchanting Spell Parlor.

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